New Year’s Eve Fairy Garden Party

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With only one more day left in the year, fairies are getting ready to welcome 2019 with lots of love and magic. As fairies gear up for the New Year’s Eve celebration, we’re taking a look at the whimsical accessories that our enchanting little friends will put up just in time for the New Year’s Eve fairy garden party that we are all invited to!

New Year's Eve Fairy Garden Party

  1. Miniature Terrarium Clay Mushrooms, Glow in the Dark

This New Year’s Eve, fairies are magically transforming their gardens into an enchanting haven full of light. When the sun sets on December 31, watch as the garden lights up with these glow in the dark mushrooms that range in color from white to light blue with a flash of copper. Just charge them in light for about 15 minutes to achieve its magical glow and turn your fairy garden into a real-life fairy tale scene.

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Glass Glow in the Dark Path

On New Year’s Eve, fairies will find their way with this solar path lights crafted from glass. They magically light up in the dark after being left in the sun or light to recharge. It’s a whimsical addition to any fairy garden this New Year, as it will definitely make the scene come to life with its glowing light. It will also lead the way to the New Year’s Eve fairy garden party that your fairy friends will host!

  1. Glow in the Dark Acorn Cap Lanterns for Fairies

Light up your New Year’s Eve fairy garden party with these miniature glowing lanterns. Line them up on a pathway and watch as fairies are lured to your garden to celebrate the coming of 2019. These little acorn spheres contain magical green fairy dust that light up at night. Just stake them into your fairy garden to provide luminous light in the evening.

  1. Fluorescent Magic Green Fairy Door

Handmade from natural reclaimed wood, this hand carved fairy door softly glows in the dark when the sun goes down. It is protected by natural wax and is decorated with glow in the dark epoxy resin, metal ornaments, glass doorknob and malachite cabochons. This way to the New Year’s Eve fairy garden party! All your fairy friends need to do is follow the lighted path and enter the magical fairy door to attend the most magical party of the year.

  1. Glowing Fairy Glass Gravel

This light chartreuse fairy garden gravel lights up in the dark! Perfect for New Year’s Eve, these tiny stones will lead the way for fairies at night, especially on New Year’s Eve. These little stones can make up pathways in the fairy garden and can be used all throughout the year.

New Year's Eve Fairy Garden Party

  1. Solar Light Fairy House with Glow in the Dark Features

This is where the New Year’s Eve fairy garden party will take place! The solar powered fairy house will glow in the dark one the sun goes down. It features delicate details such as wooden front steps, a red door, arched windows, and flowery vines that creep up the exterior of the house. Don’t be fooled by this little cottage, however, as inside is a spacious haven for fairies to gather and celebrate.

  1. Miniature Champagne Bottles

A New Year’s Eve fairy garden party won’t be complete without a bottle of bubbly! Crafted from transparent polymer, these little bottles feature customized liquid in the color of your choice. Serve up some delicious champagne as you welcome 2019 with your fairy friends!

  1. Miniature Champagne Flutes

Pair the champagne bottles with some champagne flutes for an endless supply of bubbly as the fairies welcome the New Year. These flutes help create a festive mood in any fairy garden with its sophisticated look. Great for any fairy celebration!

  1. Miniature Barbecue, Meat Skewers

Your New Year’s Eve fairy garden party won’t be complete without this awesome miniature barbecue! It comes with tiny coals and meat skewers that are scrumptious. These delicious meat skewers will lure fairies to your garden this New Year’s Eve. Treat them to a delicious meal to end the year.

  1. Miniature Beer, Beer Can, and Beer Bottle

Add some beer to the alcohol menu during the New Year’s Eve fairy garden party. These charming little miniatures feature lots of detail and is great for adding a touch of whimsy to any fairy garden. It even can be reused for a beach party scene when springtime rolls around.

From all of us at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we wish you a magical New Year! See you all in 2019 and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest in all things fairy garden!

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