Whimsical Additions to Your Growing Fairy Garden

With a new year comes new beginnings and new growth. Magical things are pushing and growing beneath the snow of your fairy gardens. While it may still be snowing out in January, it gives you plenty of time to anticipate the arrival of spring. Showing how time passes through the seasons makes the garden even more alive to everyone who sees it.

Festoon your little piece of fairyland with some new furnishings as you continue to celebrate winter worlds while preparing for the approach of springtime sights.

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  1. Christmas Fairy

Christmas may be over, but the presence of this white-robed Christmas fairy lends a pure, peaceful snowy atmosphere to any fairy garden. Let her watch over the wintery sights and sounds, cheerfully maintaining the snowy magic throughout the area. Find her at Amazon!

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Gazebos

These little snowy garden gazebos, decorated with either wreaths or bows, give your fairies someplace new to play in within your garden. Gazebos are often visuals in springtime gardens. Imagine how this snowy little nook will look as the ice melts and reveal a green world come spring! Get a set in Etsy.

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Trellis Arbor

A tiny trellis in the wintery landscape looks so tranquil as you sit out in your garden to watch over your snowy fairy garden.  It’s so easy to imagine fairies at play, maybe doing some hide and seek, between the arbor and around the area. And how beautiful it will look with clambering vines in the spring! Pick it up at Amazon.

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Horse and Sleigh

Sleigh rides are a familiar sight during winter time, so why not give the fairies in your garden one with this lovely setup? In addition, this would look beautiful when springtime begins, as though the sleigh was helping usher in a parade of fairies bringing in the green. Get this steed at Amazon.

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Gypsy Boho Owls

Owls are always hooting and peering through the woods, ever changing with the seasons. As the snowy owl swoops in to escort the fair folk through the woods in the snow, they hoot in the evenings come springtime melt. Add some of these wise old fowl to your garden and let them watch over the growth. Head to Etsy to see them.

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  1. Coral Set of Fairy Garden Accessories

The good fairy gardener always has tools ready on hand for the coming of spring. Shoots will be springing out of the ground beneath the snow, urged by careful tending hands of the fair folk, the springtime sun, and you! Make sure you have a set of tools ready to bring the garden to life. Find them Etsy.

  1. Fairy Garden Trellis With Adorable Swing

Its blue color allows you enjoy the beauty of the trellis and swing in the wintery view of the garden. Ornate and dazzling, this swing will emerge from the melting snows like a blue beacon. Perhaps if this is in the garden, you’d be able to see fairies happily swinging within it, bringing the warmth of spring. Grab yours in Etsy.

  1. Swan Miniature Pond

There are more than just fae and owls that peer through the gardens as life continues to grow. Prepare a home for regal swans, the elegant creatures that ferry the fair folk over ponds and waters. These beautiful but strong fowl are the perfect guardians over your growing garden. Get the pond at Amazon.

  1. Miniature White Fairy

Introduce a new friend to your garden! Don’t fear that she might disappear in winter snow. Soon enough, when the warmer weather comes, she’ll emerge as a lovely new caretaker to freshly sprouted shoots from the ground. Meet her at Etsy.

  1. We Believe in Fairies Sign

Finally, make sure the fairies are welcome into your garden. Place a welcoming sign to invite them in, and let them know they’re free to tend and play within the garden. Let them invite their friends with them so the garden may grow even further and shine brighter. Get yours at Amazon.

Let the new year come and bring more growth and beauty to your fairy garden as it endures the seasons. With the guidance of fairy folk, there’s bound to be magic in the air!

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