Fairy Scoop: Keep Cozy with Warm Fireplace Nooks for Fairies

With the winter chill still in the air, we at Fairy Garden are hoping that everyone stays warm! It would be a sure help to the fair folk in our gardens and in our homes if we make them a cozy nook to shelter in. Not only will it be a bright warm spot in our homes, but it would also be a welcome relief out in the snowy gardens. Have a cup of cocoa and sit with the fae by the fire as the snow falls this winter!

items 1-5

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Fireside Cabin

Make a place to stay in against the cold winter nights for fairies out and about in your garden. A stone cabin with a roaring hearth is will fairies and familiars safely indoors against the howling winter winds, and will make a welcome shelter against the drifts. Get it at Amazon.

  1. Stoneybrook Cottage with a Fireplace

A stone cottage with windows will let the fair folk inside have a peek as the snow falls. Like you, they can sit inside and sip a warm drink as they watch the snowflakes drizzle down the windows. And wouldn’t it be a sight to see a wisp of smoke going out the chimney, knowing the inhabitants are safe inside? Visit it at Etsy.

  1. Fairy Garden Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace will set a fine spot for fairies to gather around and dance, and this one has an adorable chimney of its own. Watch the flames glow and maybe shadows of playing fae will be seen around it, flickering over the snows! Grab it at Amazon.

  1. Camping Gnomes

Set out these jolly gnomes around the fire out in the garden and let them relax in the firelight. Against in the snow, they’re a wonderful sight to see and would certainly urge some fairies to join in on the festivities! Meet the gnomes at Amazon.

  1. Fairy Village Fire Pit

This tiny fire pit looks just like the kind humans use! It’s beautifully ornate and fit for indoors or outdoors. It’s a tiny tea light that can be used indoors or outdoors, and perfect for adding a little magic to any fairy scene. Get yours at Etsy.

items 6-7

  1. Fairy Garden Fireplace and Stepping Stones

This fireplace and its strong stepping stones is the perfect spot to gather up your fairy friends. Set them around the fireplace and make it a communal spot to enjoy the light. In the evenings, wouldn’t it be nice to see them chatter and play? It’s a great place for them to dance and enjoy themselves! Light the fire at Etsy.

  1. Fairy Camping Fire Logs

Add some burning logs to your fairy garden, letting the fairies outside know that it’s safe and warm to come along and rest. This set up illuminates in the light with realistic effect too, just like a real fire, but without the danger of flame. Find it at Amazon.

  1. An Indoor Fairy Fireplace with Baskets

But why consign the fae folk to the outdoors when you can build a tiny scene for them within your home instead? Give them their own beautiful little fireplace, woodsy in theme, which gives them their own safe corner in your warm home. This beautiful fireside will give them the comforts of home right within your walls. Get yours at Etsy.

  1. Brass Fireplace Log Holder

Make sure the fire doesn’t go out! A nice helping of logs should make sure the fire keeps going through the night. Here’s a nice bundle to keep next to any fairy fireplace scene. Keep it nearby so they can just toss another one on should the fire dim down. Get your holder at Amazon.

  1. Golden Fireplace Tools

Finally, here are some tools with which they can stoke the fire. Wouldn’t want tiny hands burning or any wings catching fire, now would we? These golden tools are a must-have for any fireplace scene. Get a set at Etsy.

With all this in hand, everyone stays nice and warm in the wintery nights! Have a look at other fairy scenes and items you’ll want to hear about from the Fairy Scoop:

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