Introduce Fairy Pets and Magical Familiars into Your Garden

Fairies and familiars are some of the best guardians of the home. With the fair folk so close to the natural world and its creatures, it’s not strange for them to bring animals into their fold. In turn, the animals watch over us. Pets are family as much to us as they are to fairies, so why not bring some joyful fairy magic to our pets and give the fairies in our gardens some familiars? Have a look at these adorable and beautiful fairy pet items:

pets 1-5

1. Garden Hedgehogs

  1. This bundle of little hedgies could paw curiously through the grass and peer out from behind toadstools and mushrooms. Hedgehogs are shy timid, but they curl into protective spiky balls and your garden fairies might enjoy having one around to help them protect the flowers. Get these little hedgehogs at Etsy.

2. Fairy Garden Dragon Reading a Book

  1. Sometimes you just want to join the fairies outside quietly, reading in a shady nook under a tree. Wouldn’t it be so much more comfortable to do it with a charming little dragon who will be reading with you? Dragons have always guarded and protected special places, and this green dragon will make sure everyone is safe in your own fairy garden. Find him over at Etsy.

3. Mini Turtle on Mushroom Statue

  1. Give the fairy friends already in your garden a new guest! A tiny turtle on a toadstool adds a new and wonderful feature to your ever-growing fairy garden. Your fairy friends will appreciate the presence of a new friend who will help them keep watch over the foliage and the fungus. Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

4. Totoro Fishing on Bamboo Raft

  1. In Japanese stories, there is a guardian fairy of the woods and forests. This one, a beloved figure of stories and cartoons is called Totoro. This little statue of the Totoro on a bamboo raft, fishing away, is a welcome guardian to the woods and greens around you. Catch this Totoro at Etsy.

5. Squirrels on a Log

  1. Have a pair of squirrels, sitting with glowing magical pinecones, keep watch as they sit on their little log! Squirrels are often found running and nimbly climbing up on the tree branches. So who knows what good tidings they bring from the fairies with their presence? These squirrels are also illuminated through solar light, so they’ll be bright at night time. Chase the squirrels at the Fairy Garden!

pets 6-10

6. Cute Frog on a Stone

We’re not quite sure if this cute frog will turn into a fairy prince when kissed, but why not take the chance? Let this adorable, wise little frog sit by the pond or the fairy scenery in your home. Show everyone who sees him how good it is to have a little something green! Find this cute frog in Amazon!

7. Fairy Corgi

Corgis are rapidly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds, for their clever herding instincts, fast speeds, and adorable stumpy legs. A guardian corgi at your fairy garden is sure to bring joy to the fair folk within it. They might even help the fairy herd up their own pets! Meet the corgi over at Etsy.

8. Fairy Elephant

This elephant may have wandered quite far away from home in the jungle, but he’ll make the perfect unique companion in your own fairy garden! Throughout the east, elephants are regarded as special and magical, and this adorable, friendly elephant will easily make friends with all the fairies in your garden. Meet him in Etsy.

9. Miniature Fairy Garden Bunnies

What’s a fairy garden without bunnies? Little cottontails with their twitchy noses and soft ears would be the perfect friends for your small fairies, and they’ll be helpfully burrowing away to find some nice carrots for everyone. These speedy fluffy bunnies will be happy to deliver messages between fairies too! Meet them at Etsy.

10. Owl Fairy Garden Kit Figurine

The Tateely Owls are wise and watchful, and adding them to your fairy garden adds a bit more magic to your surroundings. Let them sit in your garden and watch over all, from fairies to humans and pets alike, bringing more wonder day or night. These wonderful owls can be found at the Fairy Garden.


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