The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Gardening Tips for Winter

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The official arrival of winter is only a few more weeks away but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare your fairy garden or miniature garden for the changing season ahead of time. Today, let’s check out the sound advice that you can keep handy for when winter finally rolls around.

1. Do a major clean up!

Fall is when the garden gets a little messy, so make sure to pick up all the fallen leaves and other rotten or dying plants that may still reside in your garden. A well-kept garden will keep pests away.

2. Till the soil and add compost if necessary.

Make sure you till the soil to disturb any insects that are residing or overwintering in your garden. Little do a lot of people know, the key to having a great spring is to prepare well in advance and have a healthy garden as early as winter. You may add a layer of compost once the soil is exposed and gently till the soil. If you have problems with weeds, you can either pull them out or if they’re too many, cover them up throughout winter so they will die naturally.

3. Check your perennials and divide if necessary.

Some perennials or plants that grow throughout the year will have multiplied by Fall. Make sure you cut out the new plant and place it somewhere there’s enough room to grow. Fall is the best time to divide plants after they grow in spring and summer.

4. Keep or move some outdoor fairy garden accessories.

To ensure that your fairy garden accessories withstand the test of time, collect them and keep them indoors throughout winter. While some accessories come with protective finishes, these too will wear out from exposure to the harsh elements. You may also take this time to coat them with some new UV protectant for next spring.

5. Move your fairy garden container closer to home.

If your fairy garden is in a container that’s easily movable to another location within your property, you can opt to move it closer to your home where there is shelter. This way, your precious fairy garden accessories won’t be damaged by any rain or snow that may come this winter.


We hope you found these fairy gardening tips for winter useful! Before you go, check out some of our recommendations that you will need to do some Fall maintenance in your garden, as well as some cute winter- and Christmas-themed fairy garden accessories.


Handy Garden Tools for Winter and Beyond

Fairy Gardening Tips for Winter

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Christmas-themed Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairy Gardening Tips for Winter

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