The Most Amazing Vacation Spots for Fairies!

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Thanksgiving is a season of gathering with our loved ones to celebrate the things we are grateful for. It’s also a time for self-reflection and retreat, giving ourselves some time to decompress and relax. Like us, fairies also need time to meditate and re-center their magical powers that they harness from nature. That’s why they need a safe space to do so. Today, let’s check out the most amazing vacation spots for fairies and the little spaces that enable them to be more creative and more magical.

The Most Amazing Vacation Spots for Fairies

  1. Fairy Bed and Breakfast Garden House

Welcome to the Fairy’s Landing Bed and Breakfast! It’s a quaint little spot for fairies to take some time off and relax. The little B&B won’t be found on AirBnB, but fairies will easily find this thanks to its Rustic sign on the roof. It the bed and breakfast features cute little white picket fences and some potted plants up front. It also has lots of windows that fairies can peer into, as well as lights that change color to attract the little fairies to stay a while. A perfect escape this Thanksgiving.

  1. DIY Fairy Grapevine Garden Globe with Working LED Light, Indoor Gardening Kit

Fairies will love to retreat into this tiny space this Thanksgiving break. This kit features a grapevine ball and three round stepping stones for your fairy friends. It also has a gold mirror with a cord for easy installation, a river rock table with a bowl, plate, and cup, a birdhouse, a terracotta pot, and a LED light so fairies can see in the dark. This charming space is quite homey and perfect for creative little fairies to write their novels or work on their art pieces.

  1. Miniature Woodland Hotel Fairy Garden Rustic House Cottage

Welcome to the Woodland Hotel, a fancy little home away from home for fairies! The rustic hotel features nice benches outside, planters, and foliage and moss, along with a couple of signs that read “Rooms Available” and “Breakfast Included.” It is made of solid wood, glue, and stains, and is decorated with some moss and faux flowers that match the signage. Fairies are encouraged to book a room today!

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Mountain Ski Lodge Winter Cottage

This holiday season, let your fairy friends retreat into this gorgeous Mountain Lodge, where they can enjoy the warmth of a fireplace on some comfortable stools, a tiny bench, and gaze upon mirrored artwork on the wall. The Mountain Lodge features acrylic windows, crystal lanterns that flank the doors, which have brass hinges to make it open and close! There’s also a brick chimney on the shingled roof and some faux snow that’s perfect for the winter season. You can even put a tea light inside to attract fairies in the evenings. Welcome your fairy friends into this sprawling vacation spot and have them enjoy a warm cup of chocolate on the house!

  1. Cedar and Stone Siding Fairy Hotel

Discover the Cedar and Stone Siding Fairy Hotel, where fairy travelers from far and wide come to enjoy some warmth, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons. It features two tea lights to provide light and warmth and walls that’s made of strips of cedar bark and stones to keep fairies inside warm! Also comes with some fairy furniture inside and fairy attendants to welcome their guests.

The Most Amazing Vacation Spots for Fairies

  1. Liberty Falls Americana, Wooden Nickel Inn, Western Town Village

Travel to the Wooden Nickel Inn located in a Western town village full of magical fairies! This inn is host to a number of traveling fairies who are looking for a quiet place to stay and a communal place to get to know other traveling fairies. This charming little spot is run by fairies who have long been taking care of traveling fairies and their needs. They often provide directions and information on all the best local activities and festivities.

  1. Small Fairy House Fairy Inn

Tired traveling fairies will love this pit stop. It’s a tiny fairy inn that is handcrafted using all natural materials. It’s also truly one of a kind. No two are alike, as it is crafted with natural materials that vary in color and texture. A lovely little spot for tiny fairies!

  1. Old Hickory Inn Fairy House for Fairy Garden

This Thanksgiving, all fairies are welcome to gather at the Old Hickory Inn, a beautiful house that looks like it was carved from stone. It features gorgeous gray, beige, and brown colors accented by a cute green that’s reminiscent of country homes. It has a peaked rooftop that’s truly one of a kind. Traveling fairies will spot this house from miles away thanks to that roof!

  1. Fairy Garden Inn Miniature Cottage

Fairies who are looking for a quick getaway can find themselves in this quaint fairy garden inn that’s perfect for solo fairy travelers. This cute inn is handmade with solid oak and features brass hinges on the door and a crystal door knob. The trim features a classy light coral color with tiny crystals. Faux flowers are growing on the front porch, where fairies can come and stay a while. A welcome sign reads “Wee Folk Welcome.”

  1. Medium Handmade Birdhouse Chickadee Inn

Welcome to the Chickadee Inn, where both birds and fairies are welcome! This vacation spot and rest place is handcrafted using all natural materials. Expect this to be truly one of a kind. It’s great for hanging outside in the porch or as an addition to any fairy garden.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 most amazing vacation spots for fairies! Your traveling fairy friends will love staying for a while. For more charming fairy homes, check out the link below.

Magical Fairy Garden Castles and Homes for Fairies, Gnomes, and Pixies

Magical Fairy Garden Castles and Homes for Fairies, Gnomes, and Pixies

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