Enchanting Fairy Garden Kits That are Great as Gifts This Christmas

The gift-giving season is fast-approaching, so get your gift list ready before you shop. This year, help spread the magic by giving the gift of enchanting  fairy garden kits!

Enchanting Fairy Garden Kits

  1. Vtete 7.5 Inch Succulent Plant Container Box with 4 Pieces Faux Plants and 30 Pieces Miniature Fairy Ornament DIY Kit

Bring a rustic style to your home with this fairy garden kit that is truly charming. It’s like a little fairy neighborhood right at your fingertips! This kit features a tiny 7.5 inch container box and four faux plants. it also includes as much as 30 pieces of fairy ornaments for you and your family to discover. It’s also great for planting succulents, herbs, cacti, wheatgrass, and other small plants. The box features a vintage-style bucket with the word “Original” inscribed in front.

  1. Pretmanns Fairy Garden Accessories House Kit with Miniature Fairies & Welcome Sign, 4 Pieces

Check out this enchanting fairy garden kit! It feature a cute house with a stony finish and a pine cone roof, as well as a little blue door that opens wide for fairies to come through! Each fairy is designed with long-lasting resin and is UV resistant. This kit is a great gift for the holidays for fairy lovers and fairy gardening beginners.

  1. Fairy Garden Kit Accessories Miniature Garden Ornaments Outdoor, 6 Piece Set

Whimsical and charming, this fairy gardening set includes a pair of fairies, a fairy mailbox, a fairy swinging door, and a couple of colorful bushes filled with flowers! The door features a small pathway where fairies can walk and play. It has a floral theme all throughout each accessory, which is perfect for Spring. Gift them this holiday season just in time for next year’s Spring.

  1. Mystic Garden Fairy Garden Kit, Believe House with 9 Accessories

This magical fairy scene includes 10 pieces of amazing little hand painted accessories! It includes a quaint little house which door is adorned with garland of lush greens and flowers, cute blue doors, and a some fairies hanging out outside on their little plants. Also included is a table set up for tea time. Fairies Bella and Grace will surely love this fresh tea.

  1. Fairy Garden Starter Kit with Blue Fairy

This small fairy garden kit is perfect for gifting this holiday season because it comes in a beautiful rose-covered box. it includes a sitting fairy, a bench, a table, a bridge, some moss, turtles, and blue glass gems. This little set is perfect for fairy gardening beginners.

Enchanting Fairy Garden Kits

  1. Pretmanns Fairy Garden Accessories, 9 Piece Figure & Furniture Set

It’s tea time in Fairyland, where these two fairies are waiting to be served some fresh, hot tea that they grew themselves. They are enjoying the afternoon breeze in the garden, where they are seated in a green set and accompanied by their pet rabbit.

  1. Essential Garden Fairy Garden Kit, Baby Bears & Cabin Set, 7 Piece Set

Go deep into the woodlands where gentle bears roam freely. This set features a delicate archway adorned with flowers, a pair of bears, a cozy little wooden cabin, and a charming little birdhouse, and a tree. It’s truly inspired by nature!

  1. Joykick Fairy Garden Wishing Well Kit, Set of 5

Even fairies love to wish upon wishing wells! This little set includes a magical wishing well that grants wishes, a fairy forest bench for fairies to sit on, Dreamy Fairy Luna who is seated, Friendly Fairy Rose, and their good friend, the Little Deer. Capture the magic of fairy gardening with this gift-worthy set.

  1. Fairy Garden Kit, 7 Piece Set

For fairy garden beginners, this dainty set will introduce them to the magical world of our tiny fairy friends. Create an enchanting oasis for our enchanting friends with this set that features a fairy, bench, welcome sign, watering can, birdbath, an adjustable fence, and an arch. All made of cold cast ceramic and metal for long-lasting durability.

  1. Essential Garden Fairy Garden Kit, Gnomes & Mushroom House Set, 7 Pieces

Fairies aren’t the only creatures welcome in the garden. These little gnomes have found a home for them to stay in, too! This charming little set features a couple of hard working gnomes, a fairy arch, a fairy sign, a cozy chair, a bench, and a home shaped just like a mushroom!


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