Adorable Fairy Garden Cabin Homes Your Fairy Friends Will Love

This holiday season, fairies all over Fairyland are heading off to spend some time with their loved ones. Just like us, they will retreat into their homes and enjoy the season. Today, let’s take a closer look at fairy garden cabin homes that will keep fairies, pixies, gnomes, and other magical creatures warm and cozy, especially through winter!

Fairy Garden Cabin Homes

  1. Outdoor Garden Fairy Cabin with Chimney Fireplace and Hinged Door

Not only will this gorgeous cabin serve as a special gift this Christmas, it will also be a nice home to come to for fairies! This miniature faux stone and brick fairy garden cabin features a quaint little chimney attached to an outdoor fireplace and a hinged door that opens and shuts. Its whimsical design is sure to lure some fairies into your garden this season.

  1. Gnomes Cabin in the Woods for Fairy Garden

If fairies have special holiday cabins to go home to, gnomes do, too! Meet Timmy the Gnome, who isn’t very friendly with some of the fairies. Worry not, though, he just likes his solitude and the fairies understand him completely and lets him be. He stands outside his cabin in the woods, holding up a sign that says fairies are off limits on his property! What a funny little fellow! Looks like he won’t be sharing his pine-tree accented cabin anytime soon.

  1. Miniature Wooden Lake Cabin on Stone Skids

This Fall, fairies are retreating to this gorgeous wooden lake cabin that sits upon some stone skids. The cabin serves as a tiny lakeside retreat or camping getaway for fairy families. It features a realistic hinged door that opens and shuts so that fairies can come and go as they please. It is carefully crafted with wood and stone.

  1. Log Cabin for Fairy Garden

Deep inside the forest near the lake, fairies will find this authentic looking log cabin that features a early American craftsmanship with horizontal logs and chinking to hold them together. It also features a rusted metal shingled roof to keep fairies safe from the rain and snow. There’s also a stacked rock chimney that stretches up from the side of the log cabin. You can almost see the smoke coming out of the chimney in the evenings!

  1. Getaway Cabin

This magical getaway cabin is lovingly handmade using various natural materials. It is adorned with lots of moss and is made of bark. It also has a decorative feature and other fairy knick knacks. Perfect as a gift this Christmas.

Fairy Garden Cabin Homes

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Rustic Log Cabin

Somewhere near the lake, this rustic log cabin stands tall against the backdrop of mountains. Perfectly colored for the Christmas season, this truly one of a kind rustic cabin welcomes fairies from far and wide. It can serve as a cottage for a family of fairies or a little lodge where they can stay overnight. Features a door that opens and closes and a hole underneath for a tea light. Inside, fairies will find a forest picture on the wall and an Adirondack chair where they can rest. Potted plants line the front entrance of the lodge.

  1. Handmade Fairy Cabin, Wood Fairy House

Lovingly crafted using natural materials, this fairy cabin features a functioning front door, two front windows, and one large rear window. Each window is adorned with twisted driftwood. Comes with an opening in the bottom to accomodate a tea light.

  1. Rustic Fairy House, Fairy Garden Miniature Cabin

Here’s one of our most favorite adorable fairy garden cabin homes. This is especially handmade using natural elements of bark and dried grass and embellished with some wire, moss, stick, and artificial flowers that fairies will absolutely love!

  1. Fairy Garden Log Cabin House with Tin Roof

Truly whimsical and one of a kind, this log cabin house features a nice tin roof and lots of unique ornaments. The front door is crafted from a slice of oakwood and the door knob is a copper heart. Its little windows even have some curtains to give the fairies some privacy!

  1. Allegany State Park Cabin in the Woods

Inspired by the cabins at Allegany State Park, this beautifully crafted cabin sits upon a rock slab gathered from Red House Brook. The log cabin, door, and roof are crafted from branches found on Summit Trail. The cabin features shutters, some tree stumps, and a tiny canoe with oars for the fairy visitors.


We hope you enjoyed this enchanting collection of fairy garden cabin homes! Don’t go just yet, as we have more for you in the link below.

Whimsical Hobbit Houses for Fairy Gardens

Whimsical Hobbit Houses for Fairy Gardens


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