Whimsical Fairy Garden Signs for Magical Creatures

The enchanting world of fairy gardens are filled with lots of charming miniatures, including fairy signs. Whimsical fairy garden signs for magical creatures add a unique touch, as it makes their little world more realistic. But did you know that real life road signs have quite a history? In fact, some of the earliest road signs were milestones, which provided information about distance or direction. Some of the earliest road signs were from the Roman Empire, which was the first civilization to actually construct roads. Along with these roads came the need for markers called milestones.

As time passed and civilizations evolved, the need for signs increased, especially with the development of cars and other forms of automotives. In Fairyland, fairy garden signs for magical creatures serve a similar purpose: to provide information on directions. Whether it’s down to the pumpkin patch or to the town of gnomes and pixies, these signs help lead the way for our fairy friends to get to their destination. Today, let’s check out the whimsical fairy garden signs for magical creatures that will serve as great additions to any miniature garden.

Whimsical Fairy Garden Signs for Magical Creatures

  1. Fairy Door, Hidden Stairs Doorway with Hinge and Sign

The most magical fairy gardens have the most whimsical accessories! Take for example this mysterious door that leads we know not where! Open the door and you will find a tiny staircase that fairies can pass through to go to their own little magical worlds. This cute little accessory comes with a handmade wooden sign that says “Fairies Only.” Sorry, you can’t pass through, human!

  1. Fairy and Frog Prince with Handcrafted ‘Kiss Me’ Sign

Oh such whimsy in this fairy garden scene! This charming little fairy scene includes a fairy who’s about to kiss a frog in the hopes he will turn into a prince! Also included in this set is a hand crafted wooden sign that reads “Kiss Me!” in regal font. Perfect for romance-loving fairy garden fans!

  1. The Sign Says Tree and Gnome for the Fairy Garden

Here’s a little sign that is perfect right at the center of any magical fairy garden. This wise old tree is ready to help any travelers or passers by on their journey. It includes six signs that read “Swimming Hole,” “Gnomeland,” “Ribbets Crossing,” FairyVill,” “Funtown,” and “Mushroom Hideaway.” It also includes distance information for every location on the list. Sitting beneath the wise tree is a gnome who’s pleasantly greets any travelers on their way. The tree is also adorned with birds, an owl, a cat, and a pair of mushrooms.

  1. Faerie Garden Sign “There be fairies here”

This fairy sign looks like it was pulled straight out of a fairy tale. The sign is inscribed on a cream colored background with wood grained post adorned with whimsical little flowers. Easy to install and move around wherever you please in the garden.

  1. Three Tiny Fairies Sitting Upon a Sign Welcome You and Your Friends to Your Garden

Sitting atop a nice stone welcome sign are three fairy friends who are cheerful, charming, and sweet! They’re dressed in differently colored garb and have flowers in their hair (with different hairstyles, too!). One fairy likes to sing, while the other recites poems. The third is a talented dancer. They’re always seen together everywhere they go!

Whimsical Fairy Garden Signs for Magical Creatures

  1. Fairy Garden Sign Natural Wood

Here is a truly one of a kind gift you can give your fairy garden-loving friends this Christmas. This fairy sign is especially hand drawn on wood that is handcrafted from the crafter’s local woodland. Such a whimsical little piece!

  1. Pixie Hollow Sign With Birds

They say that birds dropping by on your doorstep are a sign of luck. These four little birds are here to share some luck on anyone who travels through the fairy garden on their way to  Pixie Hollow. These birds are brothers who enjoy singing songs to travelers and passers by to keep them entertained and joyful throughout their journey.

  1. Fairy Garden Sign, Delight in the Little Things

This fairy sign is a delightful reminder to anyone to “delight in the little things” and be thankful for what we have. It is lovingly hand painted with outdoor paint, engraved, and “aged” around the edges. It hangs from a wire hook so that the gentle wind can give it a nudge now and then.

  1. Tree Fairy Crossing Sign

Here’s another fairy sign that looks like it came from a fairytale. This sign features a tree branch with tiny hooks that hold up a sign that reads, “Fairy Crossing.” Both the sign and the tree is adorned with creeping vines, while the sign has some tiny pink flowers.

  1. Fairy Garden Christmas Miniature “Merry Christmas” Sign

Last but not the least, we have this cute little “Merry Christmas” sign that is just in time for the holidays. Add this to any Christmas-themed fairy garden to complete the look!


Add any of these whimsical fairy garden signs for magical creatures to your garden to add a touch of whimsy and make sure your fairy friends can find their way! These signs will also provide better directions and information on where your traveling fairies are set to go. For more amazing fairy garden ideas, make sure to bookmark teeliesfairygarden.com and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about exclusive news, events, and deals. Also don’t miss out on yesterday’s fairy garden post in the link below.

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