The Fairies are Hard at Work in the Garden!

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The fairy garden community is teeming with hardworking fairies. Every day, they set out to work in the fields or at home to make sure their community is well-fed and have everything they need to live comfortably. Some fairies tend to crops, while others harvest. Other fairies bake and cook, while some specialize in building and repairing fairy homes. Then, there are some artistic fairies who share their talents by painting or bringing different types of art to their work. While the fairies are hard at work in the garden, fairy royalty are also on guard to make sure that their community is safe from any threats from other mythical creatures. Today, let’s see how these tiny communities work as see how fairies are hard at work in the garden!

Fairies are Hard at Work in the Garden

  1. Miniature Chicken Coop Fairy Garden

In the fairy garden, you’ll find this quaint chicken coop with a “Country Dress Eggs” sign on the front. It is crafted with resin and has nice details all around. You can opt to have the chicken coop or 13 cute little chickens to go with it! There’s even a listing for a cute little basket of fresh eggs! Fairies who tend to chickens provide them with a home filled with love. Fairies make sure that these miniature chicks and chickens grow to be healthy and strong. Fairies also make sure they never wander too far from the garden.

  1. Fairy Garden Barn with 3 Pigs

Some fairies raise chickens, while some raise pigs! This charming red barn is home to three little pigs, just like in the fairy tale! Fairies make sure that the pigs are happy and healthy in their barn. They are against animal cruelty and make sure that no harm come to the lovely pig siblings who grew up on the farm.

  1. Miniature Bale of Hay, Farm Fairy Garden Accessories for Fall

Some fairies are tasked to collect hay. This is the result of the hard work of some fairies. They’ve collected all this hay in time for Fall. This authentic looking miniature is a perfect addition to any farm or barn themed fairy garden. It’s carefully crafted using natural hay and some wire to keep them together. Some fairies might even take a seat and rest on them during the afternoon!

  1. Fairy Accessory Water Well with Puppy

A group of fairies are tasked to collect water every morning and afternoon. They often head towards the river or to a water well to collect water for their community. This fairy garden rustic water well is guarded by a tiny puppy leading over the side of the faux wood water bucket. He enjoys greeting any fairies who visit to collect water. In return, the fairies often give him some treats and make sure he doesn’t go hungry. At the end of the day, his fairy friends take him home so he can have shelter and a meal.

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Rustic Wagon

To help fairies with their daily tasks in the garden, this wagon is up and ready to go. It has a unique design that’s truly whimsical and magical. Fairies can add their fruit crates, hay bale, and other harvested materials onto the wagon and get the help of a horse to pull it. Its vintage look and feel adds to the rustic whimsy of any fairy garden.

Fairies are Hard at Work in the Garden

  1. Set of 3 Fairy Garden Accessories Green Tools

To ensure that working in the garden isn’t too tedious, you have to have some miniature tools for the fairies. This set of three tools includes a shovel, rake, and hoe. Each are carefully designed with oak wood and silver accented green and black metal. They are so realistic that fairies will find them fully functional!

  1. Green Farm Tractor and Succulent Planter

This charming fairy garden accessory doubles as a succulent planter! This rustic tractor is colored green and has some rust on it from use! It has a wooden cart that serves as home to some succulents, if you please. It is a very charming addition to any fairy garden that’s busy with hardworking fairies.

  1. Miniature Garden Rustic Tree Stump, Log with Axe

Fairies will find log and ax truly useful, especially for fairies who are tasked to collect firewood in the afternoons. Firewood is often used by fairies to keep warm in the evenings, especially during Fall and Winter. The tree stump is 1 inch tall, while the realistic looking ax, which you can detach from the log, is 2 inches long.

  1. Fairy Garden Wood Pile

Here is the fruit of the fairies’ hard work! This pile of wood is perfect for any fairy garden bonfire. It’s perfect for camping or simply keeping warm during cold nights. Each piece of wood measures about 1.75 to 2 inches.

  1. Handmade Fairy Garden Accessories, Vegetable Garden Set of 12

This incredibly amazing handmade set of vegetables for your fairy garden are so charming! This set of 12 includes 4 carrots, 4 beets, 1 lettuce, 1 red cabbage, 1 broccoli and 1 cauliflower. Each is individually hand mixed from polymer clay and delicately hand sculpted to create these realistic miniatures. It also includes a 17 gauge galvanized steel wire that is corrosion and rust resistant, making it easy to install or move around in a fairy garden.

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