Best Black Friday Sale Fairy Garden Items

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Hello Fairy Garden Lovers! We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! Now that the dishes have been cleaned and the turkey and pumpkin pie has been consumed, we’re ready to check out the best Black Friday sale fairy garden items we can find! Here are some amazing deals on fairy garden accessories and materials that you can collect for great gardening time with the family.

Best Black Friday Sale Fairy Garden Items

  1. Fairy House Green Troll Cottage Jewelry Box

This fairy house doubles as a jewelry box and is great as a present for any loved one. It is lovingly crafted with wool using both wet and dry felting techniques and decorated with hand embroidery using silk thread and high-quality beads.

  1. Fairy Garden Kit with Birchwood Planter and Stone Cottage

A great gift for fairy gardening beginners, this kit features a birchwood planter with zinc liner, a fairy cottage with swinging door, bench, walkway, bluebird or butterfly, tree swing, welcome mat, stepping stones, and a fairy from a selection that you can choose from.

  1. Fairy Garden Tree Swing

This precious woodland tree swing has lost of creeping vines and flowers that are truly whimsical! It also has a sign that reads, “Tread Lightly, Fairies at Play.” Easily lures fairies to your garden to come and play!

  1. Love Bunnies Sitting on Wooden Swing Set

This pair of lovely bunnies are having a quiet time on a wooden swing set that’s perfect for any fairy garden. The two bunnies are sweetly holding hands as they watch the sunset in the afternoon. How adorable!

  1. Pixie, The Garden Sprite

Meet Pixie The Garden Sprite who is often seen flying abou plants, sprinkling some fairy dew! Her magic helps attract animals and insects like butterflies come visit the plants. She wears a green smock and an acorn cap, and holds a a dew cup from which her magical fairy dew comes from.

Best Black Friday Sale Fairy Garden Items

  1. Just Married Fairy Couple

All hail the newly weds! This fairy couple have just celebrated their nuptials. The fairy bride is dressed in a fern leaf gown and wears her floral headpiece that matches her bouquet. Her groom wears his best acorn cap and is dressed in regal garb as well.

  1. Fairy Garden Rabbits Carrying Giant Carrot

These little bunnies are hard at work in the fairy garden. They often help out fairies when it comes to harvesting carrots and other crops that they’ve planted earlier this year.

  1. Fairy Garden Squirrel on Tire Swing

This little squirrel is happily playing on the swing all afternoon! It is his favorite pastime as he waits for his fairy friends to return from their travels.

  1. Boy Fairy Playing with Dog

This little fairy boy is playing with his best buddy, a black dog who always accompanies him on his adventures! You’ll often see them playing catch in the afternoons.

  1. Miniature Boy and Girl Fairies

These best fairy friends love to play in the garden. The fairy girl is piggy back riding on the shoulders of her best friend. This pair grew up together and are often spotted playing hide and seek in the garden with their woodland friends.

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Black Friday Deals for Fairy Gardening Accessories and Materials

Black Friday Deals for Fairy Gardening Accessories and Materials


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