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Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

The New Year is merely days away and many of us are excited to find out what new experiences it will bring. For those who are looking to pursue a new hobby this 2019, why not start your own fairy garden? Did you know that there are several benefits of having a fairy garden? Gardening in general has a lot of health benefits. Let’s explore them one by one and discover why more and more people are turning to both gardening and fairy gardening as a new, creative hobby that expands imagination and improves the overall quality of one’s life.


1. It improves one’s self esteem.

Ever felt like you’re not one for arts and crafts and other homemaking activities? Comparing ourselves to others, especially in this day and age when it’s so easy to (thanks to social media), can sometimes bring us down. Building your own fairy garden can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride that you were able to not only collect fairy garden accessories and create a fairy scene, but also curate, plant, and maintain miniature plants that come along with creating a fairy garden. Remember that fairy gardens aren’t only about those miniature accessories, it’s also about knowing which miniature plants work best and can grow under your supervision. Successfully growing plants and keeping them alive can provide a sense of self esteem and accomplishment like no other.

2. It lowers stress levels.

Spending time in the garden where things are peaceful and where you are close to nature help lowers the stress hormone called cortisol. Just as little as 30 minutes can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s a nice way to decompress at the end of the day. In fact, gardening and fairy gardening can be a health-beneficial hobby that you can do long term to improve your overall health, especially if you find that you’re too stressed from work. Fairy gardening time can also be a time to meditate and reflect on the events of the past week and internalize your learning. Quiet time is beneficial, especially for those who enjoy meditating or reflecting while fairy gardening.

3. It can improve your sleep.

A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that light gardening activity enables one to improve sleep quality at night. According to the study, “purposeful activities” such as yoga and gardening had better sleeping habits.

4. The dirt can make you feel happy, seriously!

In Japan, it is recommended to step into the forest to recharge and destress. Being around nature is generally a stress-reducing activity, but not many know why. The reason behind this is M. vaccae, a healthy bacteria found in soil. This healthy bacteria reduces inflammation, which is a symptom of depression. Those who are feeling down may want to dig up some dirt and start planting. You’ll notice an improvement in your mood, especially when you do it often and regularly.

5. Improves vitamin D levels.

Both gardening and fairy gardening requires you to step out of the house and get some sunshine and that’s definitely a good thing, especially for older adults. Exposure to sunlight helps improve vitamin D levels and what better way to achieve this than to pursue some fairy gardening? It’s like the cherry on top of all the other health benefits of having a fairy garden! Of course, it’s still best to lather on some sunscreen and sport some sunglasses to protect your eyes on days that the sun is too bright.

6. It encourages family bonding.

Fairy gardening can be an activity done on your own or with friends and family. If you’re more of a solitary person, you’ll find fairy garden enjoyable because it gives you time to yourself. Others will find that fairy gardening is a great opportunity to spend time with their little kids or grandchildren. It’s an activity that encourages creativity, cooperation, and collaboration between peers and family members.

7. It encourages imagination.

Fairy gardening requires a little bit of creativity on your part. You have to let your imagination soar with all the different accessories and miniatures you can add to your scene. Here at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we provide you daily inspiration and ideas for your fairy garden, whether it’s seasonal or thematic. Find an idea you like and build around it. You’ll find that it’s truly fun to discover the world of miniature fairies!

To get you started on your journey this 2019 so you can experience the benefits of having a fairy garden, here are some enchanting starter kits that you can begin with.

Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

1 Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Accessories Kit, Miniature House with Magical Glow in The Dark Pebbles and Solar LED Lights, Amazon

Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

2 NYCP Miniature Fairy Garden Planter Flower Pot, Cherry Pond Stone House, Amazon

Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

3 Spritely Gardens Deluxe Fairy Garden Kit with Accessories (14-Piece Set), Amazon

Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

4 Pretmanns Fairy Garden Accessories House Kit with Miniature Fairies & Welcome Sign, Amazon

Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

5 Mood Lab Fairy Garden Kit Miniature Figurines with Accessories Swing Set of 6 Pieces, Hand Painted, Amazon

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