A Fairy Garden New Year Escape: Fairy Houses for 2019

Now that Christmas has come and gone and all of the fairies have finished celebrating, it’s time to gear up for another awesome holiday next week. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and this is a special time for fairies, as it is the time they make everything new with their magic! They spread some fairy dust all over the garden on New Year’s Eve to provide protection and good fortune to those who dwell there. Speaking of dwelling places, let’s take a look at some fairy houses for 2019 that you can add to your collection. These can also serve as a fairy garden New Year escape for your winged friends! These new homes for your fairy friends are perfect for the New Year. Let’s explore them all!

A Fairy Garden New Year Escape: Fairy Houses for 2019

  1. Miniature Garden House

Reminiscent of a cute cottage deep in the forest, this charming fairy garden house is lovingly handmade from oven baked clay, wood, and other natural materials. It is the perfect size for a small fairy family. The New Year calls for a new dwelling place and this charming fairy home is perfectly accented with a stone facade and trees growing right outside its door. This rare find is also great for gifting this New Year to any friend or family member.

  1. Miniature Garden House with Staircase

This New Year’s Eve, some fairies are retreating to the beach side to spend time with the sea spirits. This is the time that they come together to create harmony in their natural environment to ensure that all sea and land creatures are protected by their magic as the New Year begins. For fairies who are retreating to the beach side this year, they can seek shelter in this miniature garden house with a staircase that calls to mind the sea and the lighthouse at the end of the dock. It is crafted by hand using oven baked clay, sculpey, driftwood, and dried mushrooms. It has a unique little staircase that fairies will love standing on to watch the sunset by the beach. Comes with lots of great detail you’ll love to discover all throughout the New Year.

  1. English Cottage Fairy House

This New Year’s Eve, some fairies will gather in the English countryside to cast spells and spread good fortune in communities that reside there. Once they gather, they’ll sing songs, dance, and be merry as they ring in the New Year. As the festivities take place, they will stay over at this English cottage fairy house that has enough rooms inside for all fairy guests! Crafted from wood and polymer clay, this house has a beautiful stone detailing on its exterior that makes it look very realistic. A cute little balcony stands tall at the front, where fairies can overlook the garden. They can also hold small gatherings in the balcony. It’s a charming little home that they might not want to leave!

  1. Miniature Garden House, Forest Inspired

Deep inside the fairy forest, you’ll find a fairy house like this. Sometimes, fairies retreat to this tiny, rustic home to recharge their magical powers, especially towards the end of the year. This charming little home is hand crafted from wood, oven baked clay, and other natural materials. It also features a cute little ladder that fairies can use to climb up to the bedroom at the end of the day. A little door is on the tree bark, so fairies can sneak in there, too! Lots of leaves adorn the fairy house, helping it blend in and keep hidden in the fairy forest.

  1. The Fairy Castle, Amazing Fairy House

This might be the most enchanting fairy house you’ll ever lay eyes on! Crafted using driftwood, branches, vines, twigs, leaves, moss, shells, stones, leaf skeleton, flowers, pods, and more natural materials, this fairy house stands 2.5 feet tall and is a truly magical masterpiece. It features charming stairways all over the house, leading from room to room. It features lots of bedrooms with beds made from flowers and leaves,  a living room with shelves of books, a chess set and little twig chairs. Fairies will love to discover the art tower, which features a painting and sculpting studio, as well as an art library. Fairies can also find a mud room with a sink and pots for planting little flowers. A bathroom includes some lotion bottles and perfumes, while the laundry room features an ironing board and iron made from stems and pods, a little wash tub, and a package of fairy soap. The house is completed by a little mailbox that has some letters and a newspaper. This fairy castle is no ordinary fairy garden accessory, it is truly a treasure that you’ll love to keep this New Year and in the years to come.

A Fairy Garden New Year Escape: Fairy Houses for 2019

  1. Lighted Fairy House

To thank your fairy garden friends for the blessings you received in their behalf this 2018, get them this charming fairy cottage that they can live in throughout the New Year! This cute little house is inviting and cozy, and is perfect for the upcoming Spring season! It features a cute pink door and square windows with wooden frames. White picket fences hold together some lush bushes and pink flowers that all go around the house. Some wild vines are also growing on the roof! At night, light up the tea light and watch as fairies come home to your garden!

  1. Miniature English Country Cottage

Gear up for the New Year and for the upcoming Spring time with this charming English country cottage that’s already teeming with lots of lush greenery and flowers. This New Year, let your woodland friends (fairies, gnomes, pixies, and animals) come home to this cozy little spot in your fairy garden.

  1. Fairy Lantern, Fairy House Night Light

The New Year calls for a new home for enchanting creatures. This one of a kind fairy house is sculpted in clay and is entirely hand painted. It features lots of detail, as it is crafted using gloss for glass, glitter, clay, moss, faux foliage, and a plastic bottle. The result is a rustic, charming little fairy house that will surely lure the fairies to your garden to bring you good fortune this 2019. Light up the tea light at night and watch it come alive!

  1. Mini Fairy House Wonder

This 2019, be inspired by this rustic little fairy house that reminds us to look at life with wonder, just like a child! This fairy house is crafted from sea shells, rocks, colored glass, and beads and can be made to order. A sign that reads “Wonder” hangs outside. Lure fairies into your garden to help you increase your luck this year with this homey, woodland-inspired piece.

  1. Shim Two Story Fairy House Handcrafted by Olive

Fairies who thrive on creativity will appreciate this new space that fuels their artsy side. This two-story little home is furnished with a fairy bed and petal comforter and a moss-filled pillow, a fairy swing, a fairy painter’s easel with stool and art paper, a fairy palette with brush, a white birch fairy table, a chair, a knitting basket, and a fairy mirror. Truly an art lover’s little paradise!

We hope you loved these fairy houses for 2019! Comment below what you’re most excited about in creating a fairy garden New Year escape and don’t forget to bookmark this page for even more fairy garden inspiration. Before you go, check out more awesome fairy homes and houses in the links below.

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