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A Fairy Garden New Year Feast

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Welcome to Fairyland, where we are counting down the days to the New Year. Fairies all over Fairyland are waiting to recharge and gather their energies to create more magic this coming year and cast spells for good wealth and good health. When the clock strikes twelve on January 1st, expect fireworks not just in the sky, but deep in the fairy garden, where fairies wave their wants, cast their spells, and spread some sparkly fairy dust! But before all this happens, the fairies will gather for one last celebratory feast to close the year that has gone. Here are some ideas on how to create a fairy garden New Year feast for your enchanted friends.

A Fairy Garden New Year Feast

  1. Mini Deluxe Cheeseburger

As the New Year’s Eve party begins well in the afternoon, make sure your fairy friends have some delicious burgers to munch on! These miniature burgers are crafted from clay and feature delightful detail. Each sandwich has lettuce and tomato and is great for adding to fairy picnics, camping scenes, celebrations, and fairy parties. Each one is carefully handmade, so every piece is quite unique. You can almost smell the grilled burger and fresh lettuce when you set these down in the fairy garden!

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature BLT Sandwich on Toast

For those whose tastes prefer something more on the tangy side, get them these miniature BLT sandwiches that feature lots of great realistic detail, especially in the veggies that come with it! Each sandwich is handmade and features realistic looking bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a perfectly browned toast. Very delicious!

  1. Fairy Garden Swiss Cheese Wheel with Cheese Slices

As your fairy friends anticipate the New Year, make sure they munch on some cheese! These will go very well with some fairy wine harvested and crafted by the fairies. This realistic Swiss cheese wheel also includes some cheese slices, both of which feature some holes that make it look like it’s real cheese! Place them on a rustic little miniature cheese board or bark and fairies will surely come visit your garden this New Year’s Eve.

  1. Soda Cans for Fairy Garden

No party would be complete without some soda cans! This charming set of soda cans is great for placing in any patio set, fairy table, or a miniature chest with some faux ice. It’s a nice refreshment for fairies who have been working hard in the garden all year. They’ll also need to be hydrated as they celebrate well into the New Year. Give them these sweet soda treats as part of their fairy garden New Year feast!

  1. Mini Wine Bottles for Miniature Fairy Garden

Fairies, gnomes, and pixies are ready to celebrate the New Year with these charming little wine bottles. Each bottle feature a different type of wine from harvested grapes. The red and green colors are very festive and holiday-appropriate. Place this on any patio set or fairy table and lure the fairies out to have a drink with you this New Year’s Eve.

A Fairy Garden New Year Feast

  1. Miniature Cocktail Drink Set (2 Pieces)

These charming little cocktail drinks are perfect for New Year’s Eve celebration! Fairies will love sipping on these sweet, spiked treats that look very realistic. Crafted from acrylic, resin, and fimo, these cocktails are miniatures you’ll love to feature in your fairy garden during the New Year and beyond. Bring the booze!

  1. Fairy Garden Pigs in a Blanket

New Year’s parties call for fun finger foods such as pigs in a blanket! These realistic little bites for fairies will lure them to come celebrate with you. It features a perfectly toasted bread and juicy little hot dogs inside. Definitely a crowd pleaser for both fairies and humans alike!

  1. Miniature Table with Wine, Bread and Salad

When your fairy friends come to the table, they’ll find this gorgeous fairy garden New Year feast to remember. This table is made from wood and features cute little acorn cap legs. On it, fairies will find a wooden cheese and wine platter, a wooden bread serving platter, and an organic salad with vegetables freshly picked from the garden. A healthy, delicious meal is a perfect way to cap off 2018!

  1. Sandwich Making Scene with Two Plates of Food

Perfectly paired with the previous item in this list is this handmade fairy garden sandwich scene. It includes a wood cutting board with bread, a head of lettuce, and a knife. You’ll find lots of realistic detail, such as the crumbs from the bread slices, as well as the red and white towel that matches the little red bowl! Fairies will love feasting on this roast beef sandwich complete with some cheddar cheese and lettuce.

  1. Elegant Christmas Sideboard

Your fairy garden New Years feast will come together perfectly when you add this gorgeous set of fairy goodies! This scene features an array of food and drink for your fairy friends. A mouse adorned with a red Santa jacket and green scarf is ready to serve the fairies! He’s holding a holly and is awaiting guests. Another mouse is ready to assist, as he wears his green jacket paired with a white and red scarf. He is also holding a candy cane. This set also features a brown sideboard, three white and red candy canes, a cake with white frosting, wine bottles, plaid table napkins, a gingerbread man, and lots of other festive accessories that will charm your fairy guests.

If you loved these fairy garden New Year feast ideas, make sure to bookmark this page or visit some of the links below for more fairy garden goodies! Have a Happy New Year’s Eve!

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