Fairies for Babies: Beautiful Fairy Items for New Family Members

Babies are always a cause for celebration in the family. These bright, new family members are magical on their own. After all, as the stories say, fairies are born from the first laugh of a new baby. Their bright smiles and happiness bring so much light and joy into a home. Full of potential and curiosity about their big new world, they’re exactly like tiny fairies themselves. So why not give them as much of the fairy magic as you can to help them blossom? Shower them with fairy dust as you surround them with some of these enchanting items for your brand new fairy baby:

FG 01112019 1-51. Forest Fairy Onesie

Bundle up the tiny tot softly and warmly with an adorable pink onesie with its matching tutu. The big golden letters proudly declare that they’re a little forest fairy in the making, and sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees them. Get this onesie over at Etsy.

2. Rubie’s Deluxe Fairy Costume

Fairy toddlers 1-2 years old will adore the brilliant colors of this costume, from its fluttering tutu skirt to its sheer, vibrant wings. There’s nothing else that makes a little one feel so much like a fairy than wearing their own fairy dress full of color and magic. Find it over at the Fairy Garden.

3. Baby Buttercup The Baby Fairy Pillow

Baby Buttercup is the perfect fairy companion for a new bundle of joy in the family. She’s snoozing soundly on the pillow, which is soft and perfectly snuggly. Her baby fairy magic will help give your little one fairy dreams which will let them sleep soundly through the night. Find the pillow in Fairy Garden.

4. Magic Star Wand Rattle

It’s the little fairy’s very first magic wand! This colorful star shaped rattle is the most fitting plaything for a brand new little fairy born into this world. Made of soft yarn and crocheted, it’s fuzzy and musical, and sure to cast a spell for laughter whenever it’s waved. Get the wand at Etsy.

5. Pixie’s Bonnet

With everything still cold or chilly outside, it won’t do to have a newborn fairy baby catching a cold. Cover his or her head with this charming little pixie bonnet, over their ears and tied at the chin. This’ll keep the snug and warm during trips outside or quick moments in the snow. Grab the bonnet at Etsy.

FG 01112019 6-106. Fairy Changing Bag

Little ‘accidents’ may happen out of doors, but the fairies have got your back with this beautiful fairy changing bag. Big enough to store plenty of diapers, an extra bottle, change of clothes, and any other essentials that a baby will need during their curious explorations of the world. Get the changing bag at Etsy.

7. Fairy Wall Decals

A group of beautiful fairies fluttering on the walls are just the company the new baby needs. After all, it’s good to expose them early to the magic of fairies. Their bright colors will amuse and dazzle the little one, and the glitter on their wings will twinkle in fairy dust. Get the decals over at Amazon.

8. Sage Fairy Doll

This soft fairy doll is a fit companion for a newborn little fairy in their crib. She’ll watch over the baby and keep them company, casting a safe, soft, and comforting glow of bed time magic that they’ll need to sleep warmly and soundly through the night. Find her over in Amazon.

9. Baby Fairy Bath Poncho

After a wonderful bubbly bath, what could feel safer than being swaddled in the softest, fuzziest little bath poncho, with a little pink fairy waiting on it? The baby stays warm as you dry him or her off, keeping them comfy and settled. It’s also big enough to fit the baby until their toddler years. Pick up this poncho at Amazon.

10. Fairytale Dragon Pacifier

A big green dragon will look after the baby for you, stoppering any unhappy cries and bringing forth adorable squinty smiles. Durable and high quality, it’s a clean and wonderful pacifier and toy to amuse and delight the baby. Get the good green dragon in Amazon.

Welcome the new little fairy into the world with all these magical gifts, and enjoy watching them grow with the enchantment of beautiful fairies around them. See more amazing fairy magic in these posts:

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