Getting to Know the Fairy Garden Animal Friends

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Like a lot of us humans, fairies are animal lovers. They live in the woodlands where animals roam freely in the wild. Today, we’ll get to know some of the fairy garden animal friends that you can add to your collection to help fairies feel more at home in your fairy garden. These furry friends will welcome them to the fairy garden and invite them to stay for a while longer.


Fairy Garden Animal Friends

  1. Making Friends with Squirrel Marshall Home and Garden Fairy Garden

Fairies are very peaceful creatures. That’s why woodland creatures like squirrels are very warm and friendly to fairies. This fairy is meeting a squirrel for the first time and are in a very pleasant conversation. Fairies have a unique way of communicating with these furry animals, which is why squirrels love being around their fairy friends.

  1. Pretmanns Fairy Garden Fairy Accessories, 14 Piece Starter Kit

For those who enjoy collecting fairy garden kits, this one’s for you! It comes complete with a fairy playing a flute, some furniture, a delicate tea set, and of course, some fairy garden animal friends. The two squirrels and four ladybugs are quietly listening to their fairy friend play the flute. Such beautiful music they hear!

  1. Distinctive Designs Set of 12 Assorted Mini Fairy Garden Rabbits, Squirrels, and Turtles

If you’re looking to create a woodland fairy garden scene, then this beautiful set is something you’ll need. This delightful set features four differently designed rabbits, four unique squirrels, and four distinct turtles. Each have delicate details that will bring a new layer of whimsy to your fairy garden.

  1. Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden Hedgehog Reading Book Under Mushroom

Upon first glance, hedgehogs may seem a bit antisocial and aloof thanks to their spiny appearance, but they’re actually really warm and friendly, especially to fairies. This little hedgehog is enjoying his favorite book under a nice, shady mushroom upon which a tiny butterfly sits.

  1. Darice Yard and Garden Mini Rabbits, 3 Pieces

These three little rabbits look like they are keeping a secret! They are a charming addition to any fairy garden that’s filled with friendly fairies. They’ll love taking care of these little ones because they are well-behaved and very likeable.

Fairy Garden Animal Friends

  1. Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden Sleeping Mama Red Fox with Baby

Don’t make too much noise as you walk through the fairy garden, as this mama and baby red foxes are taking a nap! This pair is often seen napping in the afternoons while the cool breeze blows. It’s got lots of nice detail that makes it realistic.

  1. Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden Playful Red Fox with Bird

When foxes aren’t sleeping, they’re actively playing in the fairy garden. This little fox is friends with a yellow bird who enjoys singing songs. Fairies love to listen in, too!

  1. Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Miniature Chipmunk with Acorn

This furry little fellow is one busy chipmunk! He’s carrying around an acorn to share with his friends. He’s often seen running around, looking for acorns and other berries and fruits in the fairy garden. He loves sharing them with his fairy friends, too!

  1. Danmu Mother Swan and Baby Swan Statue Fairy Garden Decor, 2 Pieces

If you have a fairy garden pond, why not adopt these two elegant swans? They’ll love swimming in the water in the Fall breeze. This mother swan never strays far from her baby swan, who is also watched over by fairies.

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Wayward Ducks

This gentle fairy has a soft spot for ducks. In fact, this little scene shows her greeting them in the morning. She likes to bring them treats from the garden to keep them full and energized for the day. These three ducks are ready to take a swim in the fairy pond too!


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