Fairy Garden Fall Scarecrows, Harvests, and Pumpkins

The Fall seasons is one of the best in every year. It’s the time when nature turns a beautiful shade of golden brown and pumpkin fields grow ripe enough to harvest. Over at Fairyland, everyone is busy harvesting pumpkins and preparing for Halloween. After Halloween, Thanksgiving is the next most anticipated event. Today, let’s discover the many fairy garden Fall scarecrows, harvests, and pumpkins, as well as other symbols of Fall that you can add to your little fairy garden. Let’s celebrate the season!


Fairy Garden Fall Scarecrows, Harvests, and Pumpkins

  1. Magic Miniature Fairy Garden Mini Fall Halloween Birdhouse with Pumpkins

Add a charming, rustic look to your Fall fairy garden with this birdhouse that’s accented with some nice maple leaves and a few pumpkins on its base. On top, a bird sits quietly, observing his fairy garden territory. He’s waiting for his other bird friends to arrive for Thanksgiving.

  1. Darice Fall Decor Fairy Garden Pumpkin Filled Harvest Cart

Take a look at what the fairies have brought home from the harvest today! This rustic cart is packed with lots of pumpkins, pears, and some corn, too! It’s truly a wonderful year of growth and blessings, as evidenced by this harvest cart.

  1. Pretmanns Fairy Garden Kit Fairy, Vegetable Stand, Scarecrow & Vegetable Collections, 5 Piece Set

With lots of amazing detail and colors, this five-piece Fall fairy garden set is a charming addition to any miniature garden. It has a vegetable stand that’s shaped like a pumpkin with lots of different kinds of vegetables. A scarecrow happily holds a “Happy Fall” sign beside the vegetable stand, where you’ll also find some pumpkins and a crow sitting on them. A tool barrel contains some tools that the fairies used in the harvest and one fairy is sitting inside a carved pumpkin!

  1. Miniature Fall Basket with Fruit & Vegetables

This Fall basket is so vibrant with gorgeous colors! The basket contains different kinds of fruits that are all very colorful and enticing for your fairy friends.

  1. Clever Home Fall Harvest Farmer’s Market Fairy Garden 4 Piece Set

Did you know that fairies have their own version of the farmer’s market, too? This rustic stand sells fresh apples, gourds, and pumpkins at great prices. It also has a welcome sign, a bundle of hay with pumpkins, a fairy sleeping on a pumpkin, and a magnificent large pumpkin!

Fairy Garden Fall Scarecrows, Harvests, and Pumpkins

  1. One Holiday Lane Fall Harvest Characters in Gift Box

This delightful set of Thanksgiving and Autumn decorations can double as fairy garden accessories! It shows an entire harvest scene complete with a scarecrow couple, a Thanksgiving turkey, harvest pumpkins, a basket of apples, a bundle of wheat, and a wheelbarrow of pumpkins. These cute little fellows are ready to welcome your fairy friends for Thanksgiving!

  1. Magic Miniature Fairy Garden Fall Halloween Door with Straw & Pumpkins

Check out this miniature Fall scene, which is a great addition to your fairy garden! This non-toxic resin-made fairy garden accessory features a nice, wood like texture on the gate and incredible detail on the wheat sheaf and wreath. It will surely lure fairies into your garden and keep them there throughout Thanksgiving!

  1. Darice Scarecrow Figurine, 3 Assorted Styles

Love scarecrows? These three little fellas are ready to take part in the Thanksgiving celebrations! Each scarecrow has his own personality and style. One is great friends with crows, while another is a hardworking scarecrow who likes to help fairies with their harvest. The third is absolutely adorable with her pumpkin patch.

  1. Miniature Garden Fairy Kelly

Kelly is a Fall fairy who enjoys sitting in the fairy garden. She wears a colorful skirt and hat that come in gorgeous shades of orange and yellow, just in time for Fall!

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Hanging Fall Sign with Hook

Last but certainly not the least, we have this rustic little “Give Thanks” Fall sign that has a hook, so you can easily attach it to any fairy garden house or structure. It’s a gorgeous finishing touch to any Fall fairy garden.


Aside from fairy garden Fall scarecrows, harvests, and pumpkins, what are your favorite fairy garden accessories? Get inspired with more ideas in the link below and get to know our fairy garden animal friends! Don’t forget to check back for daily fairy garden inspiration!

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