Cozy Cups: Magical Warm and Satisfying Potions to Drink

When the snow is falling and all the fairies and little humans are indoors on a snow day, a very cozy cup of hot drink as you sit by the fire just hits the spot!  Add a little breath of magic into your drinks by tossing in a bit of fairy dust and an enchanting sweetness to your warm drinks. Lo and behold, a fairy potion is in your hands. These magic drinks are the perfect potions to enjoy as you swap fairy tales and spellbinding stories at the hearth.

fairy milkFairy Milk

By far, this is the simplest one to make! Nobody can resist a cup of hot milk on a cold day. Make it more magical by adding a dash of vanilla extract or vanilla flavoring (you can even add birthday cake flavoring for even more fun!) to your warm milk. Then, after pouring your milk into the cup, throw some edible golden glitter onto it, so the milk’s surface shimmers and sparkles in the firelight. It’s immediately irresistible and even more enjoyable.

  1. Milk – Whole milk is by far the most warming, but skim milk is great too. Whatever suits your fancy is best! Get some at Amazon.
  2. Vanilla extract – Real vanilla is best, but remember that extract can be pretty strong, so use only a little at a time! Flavoring is better bet if you’re worried about overdoing it. You can find these in Amazon.
  3. Edible glitter – This is where the fairy magic comes in. A light dusting is great, but you can cover the surface if you really want a magical cup! Find the glitters at Amazon.


unicorn hot chocolateUnicorn Hot Chocolate

A breathtaking cup of unicorn hot chocolate would look so pretty, you’d almost not want to drink it! Made with delicious hot white chocolate, strawberry flavoring, marshmallows, sprinkles, with an optional ice cream cone (for the horn, of course!) makes this picture-perfect drink the perfect cup to sip when telling stories of times eternal in the magical woods.

  1. White chocolate hot cocoa – White is essential if you want to add a different color for your drink as you make it, but regular brown hot cocoa is just fine as well. Get a tin of it in Amazon.
  2. Strawberry syrup – You can also use strawberry syrup or extract if you prefer. The best ones for this drink are ones that will color your milk pastel pink. Get a bottle of it in Amazon.
  3. Mini marshmallows – Here’s where it gets fun! Top the drink with a load of little fluffy marshmallows until it’s puffed like a soft white unicorn. You can even use flavored marshmallows if you like. Get some at Amazon.
  4. Sprinkles – It can be your regular rainbow sprinkles, round candy sprinkles, but for maximum magic, star-shaped pastel sprinkles are the perfect topping. Grab some ounces at Amazon.

caramel apple ciderCaramel Apple Cider

Regular apple cider is just not enough for an enchanting evening of fairytales. Caramel apples are a favorite sweet snack throughout fall and also into winter. So why not have it as a drink? You can make it even more magical by turning it into a deliciously sweet and warm golden drink to enjoy. It’ll glow behind the firelight like a fairy lantern, warming you as you drink it!

  1. Apple cider – As the heart of this drink, it’s important that you get your favorite apple cider. Maybe you know some local apple fairies that can direct you to a farm that makes it fresh, or you could also easily get your favorite brand. Here’s a good one at Amazon.
  2. Caramel sauce – The magic begins here, with your favorite caramel sauce or caramel syrup mixed in as you warm up the apple cider. It’ll turn it all frothy and golden! Get some bottles at Amazon.
  3. Cinnamon sticks – Extra delicious magic happens when you toss in a little cinnamon stick into your drink. It spices your drink up and gets it tingling all the way down. Get a bundle of them in Amazon.


Pour your potions into a beautiful fairy or flower cup, and enjoy a night of warm, delicious magic as you watch the snow fall this winter.

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