Fairy Scoop: Say Hello to Fairy Villages this Winter

During the snowy season, we get the most beautiful visions of warm, homey villages full of life and adorned with light. It feels so much like a cozy homecoming for everyone, especially our sweet fairies who are bundling up against the snow! Winter is a uniquely magical time to visit and grow fairy villages, just like how forests and plants grow beneath the snow during winter, ready to blossom and bloom in spring. It’s hard to picture anything more beautiful than these beautiful villages and fairy village buildings shimmering in the winter night, and unveiling in their full color come springtime.

Have a look at these beautiful villages and village buildings that you can visit and bring into your own fairy garden:

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1. Toadstool Town

Take a short trip down to a little village full of toadstool homes in different colors. Just imagine how tiny their inhabitants must be! They’ll be keeping warm for the winter, and perhaps visiting their neighbors in the big cottages to enjoy a cup of hot tea. Their brightly colored mushroom homes would pop out quite beautifully once the ice melts in the spring! Get the town at Fairy Garden.

2. European Village

European seaside villages are well known for their charming, colorful block-like houses, and this charming little fairy village will bring that charm and vibrance to your fairy garden at home. Little fae will enjoy moving in to such bright little homes, and they’ll look even more picturesque if sat next to a small pond where their colors will reflect. See the town at Fairy Garden!

3. Ancient Village

It’s just like the little villages you hear about in storybooks! Tiny stone houses are the perfect homes for the oldest and most magical of fairies that have been watching over your garden since time immemorial. Stone and sturdy, they’ll weather through the winter and be perfectly cool shelter come springtime. Get the village in Fairy Garden.

4. The Treehouse Village

Magic heads to new heights with this village entirely in a little tree! There’s room enough to fit many a fairy family coming in to rest after playing in the snow. After all, it’s so much easier to visit neighbors for a cup of hot cocoa when you’re living just above them, with a little staircase on it for easy access. The village will be buzzing with activity come springtime. See the village in Fairy Garden.

5. Treebottom Town

This picturesque tiny village sits right beneath the trees where the pinecones fall and the mushrooms grow. Isn’t it a wonder how the fairies are able to make such pretty homes out of them? Living under the protection of a big strong tree, the fairies living here are hardworking, creative little folk who must certainly enjoy the seasons together. See the town in Fairy Garden.

fairyscoop 6-103. Tiny Colorful Village

The colorful little houses all in a row look like the most picture perfect village you can imagine. They have turrets and circular doors like little burrows, and make for a rainbow-bright set of homes for the fairies in your garden. They’ll sit prettily against the white snow, and join in the burst of colors come springtime. Find this town in Amazon.

9. The Castle

Some castles are so grand that they’re like village on their own. And castles situated near a village definitely mean that a fairy King and Queen must be in residence in the fairy garden! A royal castle covered in snowflakes makes for the perfect stronghold for villagers during the cold days, and it’s the perfect place to celebrate the coming of spring once the ice melts. Get this castle at Amazon.

10. Scandinavian Village

This is a little village that’s perfect for indoor fairies. Scandinavian-inspired, the houses are study with thick walls, and each feature the most adorable chimney, making sure that the inhabitants will be kept warm through the winter. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see lights flickering from the windows, knowing fairies are inside their homes? Find this town at Etsy.

9. The Tall Toadstool Village

Are these tall spindly mushrooms? No, they’re fairy houses! A village full of these beautiful purple and peach fairy homes makes it feel as though everyone were living in a fancy tower of their own. It’ll be easy to call out to a friend on the other window. Who wouldn’t feel like a storybook fairy when living in one of these? Grab this set in Etsy.

10. The Summer Village

These adorable huts are straight out of the tropics, made of white and scarlet magnolia blossoms and big rainforest tree leaves. Ideal for anyone entertaining some fairies who are more accustomed to hotter climates, they’ve got sturdy doors and bright lights. They’ll be one of the most brilliant homes to see at night, like beacons on the shore of a beach. Find these in Etsy.


It’s time to visit some villages and make your own fairy town grow. As they say, the more the merrier!


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