The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Garden Kits You’ll Want Under Your Tree This Christmas

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Here at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we are counting down the days to Christmas. But more than that, we’re also counting down all of the magical fairy garden accessories and fairy garden kits that we’d like to receive this Christmas! In fact, today, we’re giving you the top 10 fairy garden kits you’ll want under your tree this Christmas. It is the season of giving after all, so make sure to share this list to whoever you think will love these enchanting fairy garden kits and accessories. Get inspired to create your own fairy garden today with these whimsical pieces.

  1. Extra Large DIY Succulent Fairy Garden Gift Kit with Moss Covered Container

Pocket gardens are whimsical as it brings delight and joy to whoever comes to visit. This little pocket of sunshine has so many little fairy garden accessories to discover! Perfect for those with smaller homes or apartments, this fairy garden kit is great for those who don’t have much space, but want to add a little magic into their lives. The container is 15.5 x 15.5 x 3 inches and is completely covered in moss! The kit also includes one bridge, two fairy figurines, one pixie figurine, one wheelbarrow with stones, one small animal, one mushroom, one birdhouse, one table and chair set, 3 wood stepping stones, all of the plants shown (in nursery pots), glass beads (for pond), reindeer moss and a bag of small pebbles. All you need to add is some cactus soil and you’re all set to create your own fairy garden!

  1. Fairy Garden Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Appearing like an orb in the daylight, this fairy garden is truly one of a kind. This enchanting fairy garden invites you to daydream of magical lands far away, where fairies roam freely and cast love and light upon those who visit. This lovely terrarium fairy garden kit features cute miniature trees, a butterfly fluttering about, and two small brown bunnies playing in the garden. It also includes one little fairy who sits quietly, enjoying the afternoon sun.

  1. DIY Fairy Garden Kit in a Wood Box, Moss Roof and Stone Wall, Wood Fairy House

Here’s a fairy garden kit that’s perfect for those who live in small apartments or spaces. This fairy garden is housed in a rustic stained wooden box that measures 12 x 7.5 x 2.75 inches, easily stashable in any corner or nook in your little home. It features a fairy house that has a mossy roof and a stone wall to keep fairies warm in winter. The kit also includes a thimble mushroom garden, a fairy garden sign, a bottle of fairy dust, a fairy door key, large and small wooden rounds, and faux moss rock. You’ll also get a clay handmade mushroom, ladybugs, resin flowers, a bronze leaf and butterfly, glass stones, glitter seashell, a pair of metal charms, two small shells, and pearls, fake gems, and sequin treasures for the shell. It’s definitely a haven of treasures for fairies!

  1. Fairy Garden Kit with Container Pink Castle

Perfect for the coming spring season, this lovely fairy garden kit features a bright pink theme. It comes in a galvanized tub that is reminiscent of countryside living. It includes a fun little fairy house painted in pink, some pink bunting flags, a variety of stones, a little fairy bottle, a white picket fence, a broom, a golden egg, and so much more surprises! Fun to assemble with friends and family.

  1. Fairy Garden Kit with Fairy Carousel

This Christmas, gather the whole family around to create your very own miniature magical world with this fairy garden kit. It comes with a box of assorted moss that gives a whimsical look and feel to the fairy garden, a sack of pebbles, pine cones, acorn caps, a sack of decorating supplies, and a galvanized planter that measures 9 x 5 inches. It’s perfect little pocket of sunshine for those who have limited space, but want all the magic!

Fairy Garden Kits You'll Want Under Your Tree This Christmas

  1. 8-Pc Fairy Garden Kit with Miniature Adirondack Chair and Mini Garden Accessories

What whimsy you’ll find in this fairy garden kit! Lure the fairies with this kit that comes with tiny fairy boots, a cozy miniature Adirondack chair, and a unique set of adorable mini garden accessories such as butterflies, a white picket fence, a one of a kind handmade stone and clay bench, and a wood-handled garden tool. Fairies will love to drop by and rest for a while on the chair, while listening to the birds sing and the breeze pass by.

  1. Medium Fairy Garden Contents Kit With Tiny House, Glow in the Dark Mushrooms and Lantern

Watch this fairy garden kit light up in the night with its glow in the dark mushrooms! This enchanting kit includes small pebbles, river rocks, spanish moss, activated charcoal, terrarium mixed soil, North Carolina red dirt, one to two types of fresh live moss, a handmade raku fired ceramic house, and three handmade raku fired glow in the dark ceramic mushrooms. You’ll also get a handmade glow in the dark miniature lantern, a small bag of tiny path stones and larger accent stones, and an instruction sheet for a great time assembling with the family.

  1. Fairy House Kit

This tiny treat is perfect for gifting this holiday season. It includes a little container, a cute little one of a kind fairy house, a caterpillar or inchworm, a little slug or snail, fairy rocks, stepping stones, a fence, and other natural elements such as moss, acorns, dried flowers, and pine cones. You’ll also get some mystery items in the magical little kit, so a surprise is waiting for you at every turn!

  1. Fairy Garden Kit with Fairy Door in Blue

Tiny but full of magic, this fairy garden kit features a galvanized bucket for your own little world. It also features a whimsical door, white picket fence, a mini flower pot, mini clothespins, stars, colored sticks, some twine, moss, pebbles, tree rounds, mini pinecones, and acorn caps. This will surely lure the fairies to come and visit you this winter and all throughout spring!

  1. Fairy Garden Kit with Fairy House

Inspired by the woodlands, the centerpiece of this fairy garden is a charming little house that is truly one of a kind. To create the magical little world, the kit includes natural elements such as acorn, dried flowers, and pine cones, as well as miniatures such as a caterpillar, snail, and dragonfly.

Don’t go just yet, as we have even more fairy garden inspiration in the link below!

Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories


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