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The Ideal Fairy Garden Gifts for the Christmas Holidays

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The holidays are fast approaching and we are running out of time to shop for presents for our loved ones! Thankfully, our fairy friends have curated some ideal fairy garden gifts for the Christmas holidays. In the first of a series of awesome gift guides, you’ll discover amazing presents for teachers, artists, and kids. Read on to experience the magic of these fairy garden accessories.

Fairy Garden Gifts for Teachers

The Ideal Fairy Garden Gifts for the Christmas Holidays

  1. Handmade Fairy Teacher and Student Ornament

To show your gratitude to teachers, give them this adorable little fairy teacher ornament this Christmas. This very special gift is one of a kind. It features a fairy teacher and her student in a colorful conversation. The teacher has a board made of real tree bark and her student is listening attentively as she sits on a pebble. This little scene is a lovely keepsake for school teachers who work hard all year to make sure their students learn valuable lessons!

  1. Fairy School Desk and Bench

Deep in the woodland forest, you’ll find a fairy school complete with fairy furniture! This little fairy school desk and bench is lovingly handcrafted using natural materials and features some fairy notes and a feather quill, as well as tiny little apple! This is a perfect gift for a fairy-loving teacher this holiday season.

  1. Miniature Bookworm Fairy Reading a Book

Teachers are one of the first people who inspire us to read, right after our parents. This tiny fairy is seated on a tree stump and is reading her favorite book. It’s a great reminder of that love for books that we often learn from our parents and teachers. This fairy is dressed in a dainty pink dress and a crown of yellow gold flowers on her head. Her nose is in a book that was recommended by her fairy teacher.

  1. Miniature Library School Bench with an Orange Tabby Cat

This pair of fairy garden accessories will be your teacher’s favorite gift! A special present for any teacher, this miniature library school bench features lots of detail, especially on the books that make up its legs. There’s also a tiny apple sitting on the bench. Sold separately or as a set, this scene also features a cute orange tabby cat who attentively sits on the bench.


Fairy Garden Gifts for Musical Artists

The Ideal Fairy Garden Gifts for the Christmas Holidays

  1. Faery Harp and Three Legged Stool Miniature

Your musical artist friend will truly appreciate this present on Christmas Day. This set features a whimsical fairy harp and stool. The harp is delicately crafted from twigs, magnolia pod stem, acorn, cap, moss, lichen and tiny sea shells. The stool is made of twigs and horse chestnut hull. This one of a kind present will be truly appreciated and cherished for years to come.

  1. Miniature Gnome with Musical Instruments

Check out these spunky little fairy garden gnomes! Each one is outfitted with his very own instrument, including a fiddle, mushroom drums, trumpet, and rubbing sticks. Collect all four to create a gnome band or get them individually. Perfect for your musically talented friends and family.

  1. Miniature Gnome Guitar with Tub of Beer and Faux Ice

Your aspiring-to-be-a-rock-star friend will appreciate this cute little fairy scene. It features a gnome chilling by a tub of beer, complete with some faux ice. He also has his trusty little guitar, with which he can play some awesome tunes.


Fairy Garden Gifts for Kids

The Ideal Fairy Garden Gifts for the Christmas Holidays

  1. Fairies Andrea and Amanda, Playing Fairies

Kids will love the enchanting look and feel of this pair of fairies! Andrea and Amanda are fairy best friends who are often found in the garden, playing some games! Both are dressed in their Sunday best and like to frolic under the sun in the afternoons, just like children do!

  1. Best Friends Sitting Fairies

Want to know a secret? These two fairies love to share secrets in the garden! They are a pair of best friends who never leave each other’s side. They even come in matching blue and pink dresses! Very charming and whimsical indeed. A great symbol of a good friendship that will last throughout the years.

  1. Tree Swing and Fairy in Playground

Kids will love the whimsy that this little scene brings! This fairy is enjoying her playground swing that’s attached to a little old tree. She’s wearing a dainty lilac dress and is seated on a leaf swing. What magical stories can she tell the children? You’ll have to wait and see!

Don’t go just yet, we have more curated fairy garden accessories for you in the link below. Make sure to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more great deals for this season and beyond.

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