10 Most Enchanting Christmas Fairy Garden Scenes

‘Tis the season to give and because the holidays are just around the corner, we’re bringing you the 10 most enchanting Christmas fairy garden scenes! You still have time to grab these magical little treats for your fairy garden. Read on to find out how!

Enchanting Christmas Fairy Garden Scenes

  1. Welcome to Winter Wonderland Fairy Scene

Let your fairy friends experience the magic of the holidays with this enchanting Christmas set.  This lovingly crafted set of fairy garden accessories include a Christmas door, a wreath with red bow, a gumball tree, a Christmas fairy with a red bird, snowflakes, snowballs, a puppy in Santa costume, a snowman, silver package with a red bow, one red sled, a “welcome winter” sign with a snowman on top, and a pair of red packages with silver bow. Truly a delightful scene to behold this holiday season.

  1. Christmas Nature Scene with Deer and Hay

A Christmas-themed fairy garden won’t be complete without some miniature reindeer! This set is perfect for outdoor fairy gardens because it includes one buck, a doe, a fawn, a bay of hay, small wreath, three red snowflakes, a red bird, snowballs, a nature fairy with a red bird, and a gray bird. You can almost hear the fairy sing some carols in the cool winter night!

  1. Miniature Santa Clothes and Brick Walkway

The fairies are on their way back from the North Pole! This charming little brick walkway is a magical path that takes fairies instantly to and from the North Pole, so they can help Santa prepare for Christmas. Fairies have long been known to assist Santa Claus, especially during the holidays when the elves are super busy! This set includes a clothes line with Santa’s clothes, one snowman with a blue hat, a snowwoman with an orange hat, a Santa hat, a pair of red small packages with a silver bow, one small silver package, one “North Pole” sign with a penguin, a snow bunny, snowballs, and a brick walkway.

  1. ta Sleigh with Two Mice

Speaking of Santa’s helpers, this cute Christmas fairy garden set features Santa himself, together with a pair of helper mice! This charming little fairy scene features Santa delivering his presents together with two mice who are ready to lend a helping hand. The set also includes three small red packages, a big royal blue package, a big light blue package, a small silver package, snowballs, a Christmas sign, a Santa sleigh, a wreath, and a red snowflake.

  1. Christmas Fairy Garden Accessory Kit Winter Wonderland 20 Piece Set

This amazing 20-piece gift set is perfect for gifting this Christmas! It comes with a fairy in a sled, a snowman, squirrel, cardinal, off white wreath, a picket fence, several candy cane stepping stones, mini pine garlands, mini bows, mini pine cones and acorn caps, a bag of mixed moss, some glass chips, a package of snow, a bundle of gingerbread twine, four clothespins,a and a strand of LED lights. This is a perfect gift for grandparents, who will enjoy gathering the kids around for some quality time while building a magical Christmas fairy garden!

Enchanting Christmas Fairy Garden ScenesMore Enchanting Christmas Fairy Garden Scenes

  1. Christmas Fairy Garden Door & Accessories

This set of whimsical holiday-themed fairy garden accessories includes a set of reindeer, a sleigh, Santa Claus himself, a magical Christmas fairy door complete with a wreath, a sign, a silver Christmas tree, and other essential fairy garden accessories. It’s perfect for adding to any fairy garden this season of giving.

  1. Enchanted Fairy in a Red Bench with Christmas Accents

Here are some super cute Christmas accessories to add to your fairy garden. This whimsical set will lure fairies with its charm. It includes three red packages with a silver bow each, a puppy in Santa hat, a silver package with a red bow, three red glitter balls, a cat in Christmas sweater, and a Christmas fairy holding a red bird. You’ll also get a Christmas tree with golden stars and a green bottle brush Christmas tree, with a red bird, snowflake, and an eye-catching red bench where fairies can sit and wait for the elves to arrive!

  1. Winter Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Here’s a different take on a fairy garden: a winter terrarium! For those who want a fairy garden on an even smaller scale, this one’s for you. It includes snow white sand and terrarium air plants, with two different bird choices and two different benches to choose from. It also includes a little snowman pillow that’s perfect for the season.

  1. Christmas Fairy Garden Terrarium Kit Globe

This one of a kind fairy garden terrarium kit features white snow and a little fairy who’s ready for all the Christmas festivities. She’s dressed in her Sunday best as she pulls a dainty little sleigh. On it, there is a freshly cut Christmas tree, a freshly baked gingerbread man, and a bag full of presents! Also includes a candy cane tree, a pair of sisal trees, and a frosted floral spray.

  1. Christmas Fairy Snowball Wagon

This cute little fairy scene is rustic and whimsical! It includes a rusty old wagon that’s carrying a charming little snowman, a red pail and some snowballs! The kit also includes a little fairy wearing a dress with Santa print on it. Also includes a red bird, a Santa hat, and a green shovel for when the fairies get snowed in!


This holiday season, we’re giving you tons of curated Christmas-themed fairy garden accessories. Want more enchanting Christmas fairy garden scenes? Check out the link below!

Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

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