Teelie’s Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Grandparents

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Christmas is just around the corner, but you don’t have to panic if you haven’t finished shopping just yet. Today, we’re giving you a curated list of fairy garden gifts to give your grandparents as part of Teelie’s Holiday Gift Guide. Every day this week, we’ll give you highly curated products you can gift to anyone in your life. Let’s begin!

Teelie's Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Grandparents

  1. Fairy Rocking Chair with Red Cushion and Shell Headrest

This whimsical fairy rocking chair is truly one of a kind with its intricate details. It is lovingly crafted with metal and includes moss, greenery, a shell headrest, and some faux florals in red and yellow. Your grandmother will wish she would have her own life-sized version of this charming little fairy garden accessory! She’ll absolutely love having it in her fairy garden.

  1. Two-Piece Grandpa Grandmother for Mini Fairy Garden

Honor your grandparents this Christmas season with these super charming fairy garden accessories featuring a miniature grandma and grandpa! This cute little pair is made of resin and stand only 3 cm in height! They are dressed in fashionable yet comfortable kimonos and have a small smile on their faces. Truly whimsical and unique with all of the details. Both grandparents are wearing similar tiny eyeglasses, too!

  1. Fairy Garden Sprite With Owl

Owls have long been seen as symbols of wisdom. Just like owls, our grandparents are filled with wisdom throughout their years of experience. We come to them for advice on almost anything under the sun. This adorable fairy garden accessory features a slumbering sprite baby with an owl, who serves as a guarding figure for the sprite. It is symbolic of how our grandparents serve as our guard and guide in our lives, especially during our youth.

  1. Rustic Tools, 3 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

Grandmothers and grandfathers who love to spend time in the garden will love this miniature set of rustic tools for the fairy garden. It is carefully crafted using iron and features red accents. It’s reminiscent of those days when they were younger, building a garden from scratch when they first moved into the their home. It will serve as a reminder of all their hard work, which for sure you and your family are grateful for.

  1. Miniature Vintage White Pickup with Light Up Christmas Tree

Here’s something that’s perfect for the season! This miniature white pickup truck has a beat up, rustic look to it. It’s reminiscent of your grandfather’s first vehicle that he saved up for and bought himself. It includes a light up Christmas tree, which will remind your grandparents of the very first time they purchased a tree together as newlyweds. So visually whimsical and nostalgic for old times. Crafted from resin, sisal, and LED lights.

Teelie's Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Grandparents

  1. Miniature Metal Carnival Swing

Vintage looking but still full of life, this rustic Carnival critter inspired swing brings us back to the simpler days, when there were no phones and technology to keep us distracted and busy. That was the time when kids would go to the park or the carnival fairs to be entertained with the rides and attractions. This little fairy garden accessory will also lure fairies to come out and play!

  1. Small Wishing Well, Laugh Well

If you want to give a truly one of a kind gift to your grandparents this holiday season, look no further than this wishing well that is lovingly crafted from sea shells, rocks, colored glass, or beads. Each one is made as uniquely as possible using found natural materials. This wishing well has a sign that reads “Laugh Well.” Fairies will love to come over and peer into the wishing well that features a little bucket inside so fairies can fetch water any time of the day.

  1. Custom Made Distressed White Signs for Fairy Garden

If your grandparents are already proud owners of a fairy garden, get them this quaint little sign that can be personalized. Each sign comes with reusable non-toxic mounting putty. It is safe for outdoor use thanks to its polyurethane coating, but best kept indoors in the colder seasons.

  1. Fairy Garden Table & Chairs, Mini Patio Set

This charming miniature patio set for fairy gardens come in a cool, retro color! They are a great addition for fairy gardens, especially towards the spring season. It is carefully handcrafted and made with lots of love.

  1. Fairy Christmas Ornament

Last but certainly not the least, we have this fairy Christmas ornament featuring a beautiful winged fairy inside an orb. She is surrounded by a handful of sparkling flowers amongst the soft moss and nature. It also includes amber crystals with warm diffused light, making it a truly magical piece for fairy garden lovers like your grandparents!

This entire week, we’re bringing you more amazing presents in Teelie’s Holiday Gift Guide. Here, you’ll find fairy garden gifts to give your grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, friends, teachers, and more!

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