Teelie’s Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Mom

This Christmas season, mos of us will get to reunite with our families and spend some quality time. The season of gift giving is also the season of giving thanks for all the things we often take for granted, including our mothers and all the hard work they’ve done to raise us. Show your mom how much you love her with some meaningful presents. We’ve curated a special list of fairy garden gifts to give your mom this Christmas. Spread a little magic with these meaningful tokens of appreciation.

Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Mom

  1. Mother Duck With Ducklings Fairy Garden Accessory

Symbolic of our relationship with our mothers, this fairy garden accessory is a charming reminder of how our mothers have led us through life. Perfect for moms who love fairy gardens, this little accessory adds a touch of woodland whimsy thanks to its detail. It features a duck with her ducklings sitting on a rock. Her little ducklings are behaved, except for one curious duckling who is peeking at a frog who would like to say hello! Very charming and whimsical.

  1. Fairy Mother And Child

Make your mom’s fairy garden even more magical with this fairy mother and child. The fairy garden accessory features a fairy woman dressed in red, gently cradling her baby fairy son! It is a tranquil scene that will make anyone feel the pure love of a mother.

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Deer Set, Mini Mommy and Baby Deer Family

This deer family is truly one of a kind! It is a lovely addition to your family’s fairy garden, especially this holiday season. The set includes a mommy and baby deer, who are adorned with the same white, blue, and pink flowers! They look like they came straight out of the woodlands with their vibrant colors and magical look.

  1. One of a Kind Handcrafted Fairy Stoves

This woodland inspired fairy garden accessory will truly enchant your mother who loves to cook! This Lovingly crafted by hand using bark, moss, pods, and wood, this special fairy stove is where all your mother’s fairy friends are going to cook their delicious meals. Pots and pans come separately, but can be added for a more magical feel.

  1. Fairy Garden Clothesline

Go back in time to when you were a child and you would play in the backyard while your mother would do the laundry. This fairy garden accessory is nostalgic, as it brings us back to the old pre-washing machine days. Watch as the fairy towels dry off in the wind. he set includes two posts with line, one bucket, one washboard, four clothes pins, two wash clothes and two towels.

Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Mom

  1. 3 Pieces Mini Flower Baskets Fairy Garden Miniatures

Your mom will love these mini flower baskets for her fairy garden. Each is delicately crafted from ceramics and features a floral arrangement. It’s a unique gift that any mother would appreciate.

  1. Mini Fairy Swing Handcrafted by Olive

Reminisce with your mother and go back to the days spent in the playground with this woodland inspired fairy garden swing. It is lovingly made with Hydrangea branches, Cherry branches, moss, and silk flowers. Lots of surprises and details in this fairy garden accessory made from natural materials that can easily lure fairies into your garden!

  1. Sweet Meadows with Hinged Door for the Fairy Garden

Your mother’s fairy friends need a home to seek shelter in during the night. This lovely fairy house is a charming little home, complete with a hinged door that fairies can open and close. It has a nice thatched roof and a stone exterior with wooden accents. The door has a nice little basket of flowers to welcome your fairy friends home.

  1. Fairy Garden Door Shabby Chic Range

Your mother would totally adore this one of a kind fairy garden door that is crafted from reclaimed wood and handmade in a local workshop. Each is lovingly hand painted as well and comes with a key and a letter from a fairy. What’s inside the letter? You’ll have to get to the door to find out!

  1. Small Wishing Well Love Well

Last but certainly not the least, we have this fairy garden wishing well is a made to order, one of a kind accessory that is inspired by nature. It is crafted using natural materials like wood, tree bark, moss, twine, tree branches, and acorns. Fairies will surely come out of hiding to see this magnificent creation.

If you loved this list of fairy garden gifts to give your mom for Christmas, head over to our special for gifts for grandparents. Follow the link below and don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more amazing deals and magical discoveries.

Teelie's Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Grandparents

Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Grandparents

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