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Teelie’s Holiday Gift Guide: Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Doctor

Christmas Day is just 11 days away and we’re finalizing our holiday shopping lists over here at Fairyland! This season, we give thanks to the people who have positively influenced our lives. Let us not forget our teachers, councilors, doctors, and mentors who have gone out of their way to help us. Today, let’s explore the fairy garden gifts to give your doctor to give thanks for all their advice and hard work in helping keep us and our families healthy throughout the past year!

Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Doctor

  1. Fairy Crib Blossom Bed with Fairy

Your OB-GYN or pediatrician deserves a magical little treat this holiday season. Give her the gift of enchanting fairy gardens with this unique fairy crib blossom bed that comes with a baby fairy! This charming fairy garden accessory is lovingly crafted using a cherry branch, silk florals, and moss. Together, they make a gorgeous, magical crib suitable for baby fairy princesses! Such a charming little handmade piece that can be treasured for life.

  1. Miniature Apple Basket

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! This basket of shiny red and green apples will surely warm your doctor’s heart. It is carefully crafted from polymer clay and wood and features a bright color that’s truly eye-catching and vibrant. It is a nice addition to a fairy garden full of busy fairies who work hard harvesting fruits and vegetables in the garden.

  1. Gardening Fairy Door

Doctors often remind us to eat our vegetables to keep healthy. For those with doctors who absolutely love growing their own produce, give them this fairy door that comes with realistic looking vegetables! Crafted using polymer clay, glitter, metal, beads, and glass, this unique fairy garden door is filled with intricate details that they’ll love discovering again and again. The vegetable patch features some radish, cauliflower, and more. Also has a couple of miniature gardening tools!

  1. Doctor’s Office Materials, Lab Coat, X-rays with Envelope, Stethoscope, Container of Pills

Welcome to the fairy garden doctor’s office, where you’ll find some miniature doctor’s materials. This miniature set includes a charming little lab gown, a stethoscope, an x-ray with an envelope and a pencil, and a container of pills to make sure your fairy friends will get well soon! These miniatures will surely amuse your fairy garden-loving doctor.

  1. Fairy Garden Desk and Chair

Enchant your doctor with this charming fairy garden desk and chair that’s inspired by the woodlands. it looks like a desk that a professional would use! This truly one of a kind fairy desk and chair is crafted from moss, beads, wood, and other natural and synthetic materials. You’ll find lots of detail in this set, that also includes some flower accents, a cute little lamp on the desk, a notebook, and other fairy accessories. The doctor is in!

  1. Fairy Swing

This delicate fairy swing is lovingly handmade using natural found materials and is inspired by the deep woodlands. It is made of hydrangea branches, cherry branch, natural moss, and silk flowers. It features dainty purple flowers and a swing where fairies can sit and spend some time. Whimsical and imaginative, this little swing is a nice, unique token of appreciation for any doctor who loves the outdoors.

  1. Fairy Bed

If your doctor is a fairy garden enthusiast, she will adore this fairy bed fit for a fairy queen! It is crafted from all natural elements and features a copper wire frame twisted in intricate, feminine designs. It also features a moss bedding and a canopy that’s very romantic and delicate. It comes with shades of purple and green that is inspired by the forest.

  1. Fairy Bedroom Set

This enchanting bedroom set is so relaxing to look at! It features a fairy bed with bedding, a table, fairy dust, fairy slippers, a terrarium, and a candlestick. This charming, whimsical bedroom set is perfect for doctors who love fairy gardens and who enjoy having fairies come visit. This little space will truly lure the fairies to come and rest for a while.

  1. Fairies Afternoon Tea

When fairy doctors are off duty, they enjoy having some tea! This unique five-piece set includes a pair of fairy best friends, a table with a tea set, and two chairs. It’s a great addition to any whimsical fairy garden because it truly makes miniature living come to life!

  1. The Tortoise and the Hare See-saw

Your animal-loving doctor will adore this little fairy garden see-saw, which she can use to tell stories to the little ones when they go in for a consultation. This see-saw features the bunny and turtle woodland creatures who love to play in the garden. It is made of resin and has real moss accents to make it look very realistic. Fairies will love to come out and play with these two!

We hope you found a favorite among these fairy garden gifts to give your doctor. Tune in next week for more last minute gift ideas. In the meantime, check out our gift guide for moms in the link below.

Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Mom

Fairy Garden Gifts to Give Your Mom

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