An Easter Party at the Fairy Garden!

Easter is one of the biggest celebrations in a fairy garden during springtime, and there will surely be an Easter party or two. Everyone is scrambling on their little feet and fleet wings to get everything ready for the celebration. This time, though, they’re welcoming fairies and bunnies alike. But not to worry, even the Easter bunnies are here to help. Here’s how to prepare for a wonderfully magical Easter party, with everyone pitching in to help make it so much more enchanting.

FG March 25 1-51. Hippity Hop Easter Fairy Fabric

The fairies will definitely appreciate getting their hands on these lovely fabric squares for an Easter party. They’re full of colors, egg shapes, and are just perfect for covering tables being used as banners. They really add to the colorful springtime Easter feel! Get it at Etsy.

2. The Beribboned Archway

This big, ribbon-covered entryway is just the thing to gather fairies and bunnies around, letting them know that this was where the party would take place. There’s even a tiny sign waiting, showing everyone the way. The ribbons flutter like fairy wings, beckoning party guests to come play. Get it at Etsy.

3. Egg Hunt Directions

Everybody has to make sure that nobody at the Easter party gets lost when wandering around, searching for eggs. That’s why these colorful little arrows will make sure that everybody is led back to the right magical trail, so bunnies and fairies don’t flit off too far away from the bunny trails. Get them at Etsy.

4. Bunny Wagons

Of course, there must be the Easter eggs themselves. An Easter party’s main attractions are the big easter egg hunts, where everybody starts seeking out beautiful, elegant eggs. These bunnies, with the help of some Easter chicks, are pulling wagons of them into the garden! Meet them at Etsy.

5. Easter Egg Stand

A fairy will be standing guard at this Easter egg stand. In case someone can’t join in on the hunt, are too tiny to join, or maybe they have a specific magic egg in mind, they can get it right there. In case anyone wants to give a basketful of eggs to someone special, this stand will be there for them! See it at Etsy.

FG March 25 6-106. A Bunny Butt in a Pot

Still, it’s important that everyone watches out for each other in an Easter party. After all, everyone will be so excited during the hunt, and some bunnies might get a little overzealous. Just like this cute little bunny, that seems to have gotten stuck in a flower pot. Help him out at Etsy!

7. Bunny and Blossoms in a Basket

Then we have bunnies like this clever little magical fellow. He seems to not only have gathered up a few magical eggs, but some enchanted springtime flowers as well. He’s filled his basket with these colorful Easter goodies, ready to be given to an important fairy, or even to a lovely child. See him at Etsy.

8. The Brown Bunny’s Basket

But there’s also something special about taking the time to hide these magic eggs. This brown little bunny had worked hard to follow the trails and bury or hide as many beautiful, colorful little eggs as he can with his basket. He’s making sure everyone has a great hunt! See him at Etsy.

9. The Easter Bunny Family

Here to help prepare for the Easter party is a family of Easter bunnies. They’ve come dressed in their spring time finery and wheelbarrows full of eggs. Whether they’re here to hide magical eggs or gather them into baskets as gifts, the fairies will certainly appreciate the help! See them at Etsy.

10. Baskets of Beautiful Bounties

And finally, there are beautiful baskets of candy eggs and chocolate bunnies being gathered up. Baskets like these, in their bright colors and delicious delights, will bring so much joy to the guests of any Easter party, both fairy and bunny alike. See them at Etsy.

With everyone working together to make some Easter magic, any Easter party and egg hunt will become a runaway success!

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