Flower Fairies to Say Hello to This Spring!

When springtime sprouts up into the world after a long winter, hundreds of flower fairies around the world also wake up. They peer out of their many-petaled homes in the trees, see the sunshine, and know that it’s time to get to work. Flower fairies are some of the most important fairies in any fairy garden, as they look after blooms and coax up the sprouts from the ground. Their magic keeps the flowers bright and beautiful, and they make friends with pollinators and animals.

FG March 28 2019 fairy 1Here’s a lovely flower fairy who is quite fond of lavender. Lavender is a blossom that exudes a calming, delightful scent. So these lavender flower fairies will bring a wonderful serenity to a fairy garden.

FG March 28 2019 fairy 1 1-41. The Lavender Fairy

With her beautiful pale purple dress and belt of lavender blooms twined together, she’s one of the prettiest flower fairies in the garden. She makes sure all the flower petals remain bright and brilliant. She also looks after not just the lavender blossoms, but the red and white ones there as well. See her with the kit at Etsy.

2. The Fairy Sign

As it goes, this particular fairy is special among flower fairies. She keeps an eye on the helpful sign that helps redirect everyone in the garden, so they know where to go. There’s a leaf directing fairies to a fly zone, the direction to fairy land itself, and of the snail trail. See it with the kit at Etsy.

3. The Blossom Lamppost

It’s important that the sign be seen day or night. This is why next to the sign is a nice little flower fairy lamp post. It’s topped with a pretty pink blossom as a shade for the soft firefly glow in the lamp. It stands on a wooden post twined with leaves. See it with the kit at Etsy.

4. The White Bunny on the Leaf

Accompanying most flower fairies are a little animal friend. This lavender fairy has a white bunny with her, waiting patiently to help her work on the onset of springtime. He’s sitting comfortably on a lovely lead with the company of a little ladybug. See the bunny and the leaf in the kit at Etsy.

FG March 28 2019 fairy 2Flower fairies like this one are incredibly striking because of their golden yellow color. They sparkle like droplets of sunshine through the forest as they flit here and there to work on spring.

FG March 28 2019 fairy 2 5-85. The Golden Flower

This flower fairy has with her more than one pet, but it seems that she’s partial to this particular butterfly on her hand. Butterflies are very important friends and companions to flower fairies as they help pollinate the many flowers that the fairies help grow in a garden. See her and her butterfly in the kit at Etsy.

6. The Leaf Table and Chairs

Accompanying this fairy is a set of furniture: a leaf table and a pair of leaf chairs. Working hard to make spring bloom in full flow is hard work! Many flower fairies might come by and want to sit down, perhaps for a snack or a cup of tea, and this set will be waiting for them. See it with the kit at Etsy.

7. The White Bunnies

While the flower fairies aren’t occupying the seats, however, pair of white bunnies has taken up spots on the leaf chairs. Like the golden fairy, they’re helping her make sure that spring is coming along well. In addition, they’re helping other bunnies prepare for Easter! Meet them in the kit at Etsy.

8. The Good Little Turtle

Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying and the story goes. This little turtle might be a little small, a little slow, and he may be sheltering under some pretty purple mushrooms. But he’s doing his part too in helping the flower fairies to make spring a little more lively and colorful! See him and the mushrooms in the kit at Etsy.

FG March 28 2019 fairy 3Finally we have this very beautiful young fairy in her brilliant dress, playing on a gorgeous fairy swing. After all, flower fairies need a break too!

FG March 28 2019 fairy 2 9-109. The Sweetly Swinging Fairy

This tree, twined in blossoms, is frequented by flower fairies that enjoy playing at its swing. This flower fairy is enjoying the swing, taking a break from all the hard work that it takes to make spring bloom. Her wings and colorful dress flutter in the wind, wafting the scent of blossoms as she plays. Meet her at Etsy.

10. The Flower Bunny

Even this flower fairy’s bunny is taking a break. He’s nestled among the red and white blossoms around the swing, probably taking a nibble or two. He’s been helping the other fairy bunnies take care of making flowers grow and preparing for Easter. Meet him at Etsy.

More and more flower fairies will be appearing in fairy gardens to help nature grow this spring. Make sure to meet them and say hello!

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