Easter Sweets and Candy Eggs in the Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens all over the world are starting to fill up with so many Easter sweets and candy eggs! The Easter season is in full swing, and with it comes plenty of sweet delights that fairies love. From sugary pastries to colorful candy eggs, a fairy garden should have plenty of wonderful goodies to delight fairies and magical Easter bunnies alike. One after another, colorful pastel wonders are popping up. Perhaps they were brought in by magic just like the Easter bunnies themselves!

FG Apr 4 2019 eggs sweets 1This special set of candies and eggs, with a nice basket at the side, is a welcome surprise to a fairy seeking a bounty of goodies. There seems to be so much in store for them here!

FG Apr 4 2019 eggs sweets 1 1-41. Fairy Easter Eggs

Pink, purple, blue, orange… colorful Easter eggs are all over this spread of delights. Brought by the magic Easter bunnies themselves, they must be made of candy shells and full of delicious goodness inside! Fairies love sweets after all—it would be quite likely to crack one open to find an egg inside! See the eggs with the kit at Etsy.

2. Bunny Cookies and Unicorn Sweets

On a ceramic tray sits a treat that must certainly be for the Easter bunnies—after all, it has one’s face! An Easter cookie, pink as the candy eggs around it, freshly baked and topped with white icing, is an adorably sweet treat to eat. Next to them are a couple of Easter sweets that look like unicorn horns, and they go perfectly with the eggs. See them at Etsy.

3. White Chocolate Wonder

Creamy, smooth white chocolate is served along with the Easter sweets. This lovely brick, set apart from the rest of the Easter sweets, is made of the best cocoa butter that only fairies would ever be able to find. Only the very best for a fairy with a sweet tooth this Easter, after all! See it with the kit at Etsy.

4. The Big Easter Basket

Next to all the great Easter sweets is a big basket full of even more candy eggs. You can never have enough eggs this Easter. The Easter bunnies had worked very hard to bring hundreds of them to fairy gardens all over the world. This way, everyone can enjoy the magic and joy of a wonderful easter egg hunt! See the basket with the set at Etsy.

FG Apr 4 2019 eggs sweets 2Perhaps the table will be laid out for just one. No matter; a fairy that loves Easter sweets and candies will still be able to enjoy this set with a companion: a beautiful white Easter bunny!

FG Apr 4 2019 eggs sweets 2 5-85. A Cookie and Cupcake

How about some freshly baked Easter sweets to brighten up a day? A beautiful biscuit, pink as roses, is sitting on the tray. It’s iced with the face of an Easter bunny. Next to it is a cupcake of pretty pink sponge. With its white icing, it matches the biscuit perfectly. A picture perfect pair of pretty Easter treats will surely warm anyone’s heart. See it with the set at Etsy.

6. The Pink Easter Bunny

Here is a fluffy pink companion for a pretty fairy enjoying the sweets. The pink Easter bunny is waiting companionably next to the platter of goodies. Perhaps he’s hoping to have someone join him at the table very soon. It’s no fun to eat all these Easter sweets alone—that’s why he’s there to make sure that no one will have to. See him with the set at Etsy.

7. Pastel Easter Eggs

Candy eggs are also on the menu for this little meal. One pink and one blue, each a different flavor of candy, will be a delicious treat for the fairy that finds these particular Easter eggs. They were lovingly brought there by the same pink Easter bunny that now sits at the table. See it at Etsy.

8. Easter Mats

Beneath the Easter sweets are pretty spotted Easter mats that truly bring the whole set together. They’re white, and pink, and blue, fitting perfectly with the colors of all the sweet things that are sitting on top of them.  They will be with the set at Etsy.

Need more Easter candy? A big basketful of Easter eggs or two will definitely be welcome at any table laden with Easter sweets!

FG Apr 4 2019 eggs sweets 9-10

9. The Snowy Bunnies

A pair of snowy white bunnies hopped into the Fairy Garden, and they’ve brought with them a lovely rope basket just laden with Easter eggs. The basket is overflowing with speckled candy eggs, some of them even bearing the letters of “Easter” on them. There are plenty of them to go around, and there will be enough for everyone! See the bunnies and their basket at Etsy.

10.  Flower Easter Bunnies

A couple of pretty bunnies, wearing their pretty bright crowns, are also in the fairy garden. They have also brought a basket of extra Easter eggs for everyone to share. They will make sure that there’s enough for all the fairies who will be participating in the Easter celebrations. Just watch them look so pretty with their crowns, and their wicker basket stuffed with eggs! Meet them at Etsy.

Every fairy’s sweet tooth will be satisfied when they see these wonderful magical delights. Easter is surely looking to be very sweet indeed!

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