Off to the Hunt! A Fairy Bunny and His Brother Heads Off

Two Easter bunnies are headed to the Fairy Garden. They, like many of the Easter bunnies that have flocked in, have an extra special mission. They have to bring in the many magical Easter eggs to be shared by everyone this Easter season. They’re actually a pair of adorable bunny brothers, set apart from the other bunnies due to their lovely color.

FG Apr 5 2019 1-31. The Grey Speckled Hippity Hoppity Bunnies

What’s better than one Fairy Bunny? Two! These two brothers have hopped into the fairy garden, as excited as the other small magical bunnies that have arrived. Many bunnies had arrived in pairs, as carrying all those eggs will be hard work. It’s not a surprise that these two came together, as it’s more fun to give eggs away with a sibling. Meet them in this set at Etsy.

2. Magical Colorful Easter Eggs

Just like the special speckled fairy bunny that brought them in, the easter eggs are magical. They were made with delicious candies spun by the best fairy candymakers for a good Easter bunny or two. As fairies love sweets very much, they would have some of the best candy in the whole world. The easter eggs made of this candy would bring so much joy. See them in the set at Etsy.

3. Sweet Snack Carrot

Being so small, it’s hard to bring along all those eggs without having to stop in between for a snack or two! That’s why a carrot has been brought along; even a fairy bunny will need to eat. But the carrot may have a little bit of extra magic in it as the journey goes on, and only the rabbits will be able to make it happen. See it with the set at Etsy.

Following these two brothers along on their journey, it would appear that they have used a little bit of magic along the way. Once they arrived at the fairy garden itself, ready for the Easter egg hunt, they seem to have brought more than what they started out with! Easter is all about bounty and plenty during spring, after all. Meet the brothers again in this scene:

FG Apr 5 2019 4-84. Hippity Hoppity Bunnies Have Arrived

The two brothers have come from their long journey, traveling from the special bunny hutches where Easter bunnies all live. They have looked after each other through the whole journey, using their lovely speckled coats to hide under bushes. They kept out of sight, hiding from danger, and reached the Fairy Garden safely together. Meet them again in this kit at Etsy.

5. Much More Magical Eggs

The candy eggs seem to have multiplied! It wouldn’t be strange: they are magical after all! Inside the eggs isn’t mere sweet candy or a bonbon. Inside is a piece of magic that gives hope and love to share. It gives the feeling of a fresh beginning that is so important for spring and Easter. Good things happen to the recipient of these eggs. See them at Etsy.

6. Magical Carrots

The magical carrot is definitely magic: they’ve multiplied here! Instead of diminishing when eaten, they multiply instead. Like the many plants that blossom up through spring and summer, the magic makes things plentiful. When a fairy bunny nibbles on the magic carrot, it will grow and double up. Maybe the bunnies will be able to share with fairies too! See them at Etsy.

7. The Rosy Basket

With the eggs multiplying magically, the Easter bunnies needed something to carry all these beautiful eggs with. The basket is bright pink, made of wicker, and carefully woven by tiny fairy hands. They’re strong enough to carry all the eggs, but light enough for the bunnies to carry together. See the basket with this set at Etsy.

8. The Hunt Is On!

Above one fairy bunny is a very bright, lovely sign: it leads the way to the beginning of a magical Easter egg hunt! It’s the starting ground for one of the most fun and enjoyable celebrations in a fairy garden throughout the year. Follow the swirly arrow and head off. These two brothers are excited to bring the eggs and join in on the Easter hunt! The sign is part of the scene at Etsy.

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