Wonderful Easter Morning Waffles in the Fairy Garden

Mornings in the fairy garden are always special, and a bright, sunny Easter morning will be even more wonderful. Easter is a day of celebration and one of the brightest holidays in springtime. It’s only fitting that its dawn is greeted by a big, hearty celebratory breakfast in the fairy garden!

Fairies will enjoy plates loaded with a delicious meal to start a big day of fun and celebration. There will be egg hunts, dancing, and parties throughout the day. Everyone will need lots of energy in order to keep up, and mere magic won’t do. A good, savory and sweet breakfast will be just the thing to get everyone up and at it for the day!

fg apr 8 2019 1-51. Breakfast Easter Eggs

Start the Easter morning right with eggs! No, not Easter eggs; just some delicious breakfast eggs! The plate is set out for two, and each fairy will get to eat a lovely sunny-side up. Fairy sunny-side ups never break mid-cook and are always perfectly golden. They each also have a nice boiled egg apiece to enjoy with the meal. See them with this set at Etsy.

2. Savory Breakfast Sausages

Even fairies need a bit of protein to start the day! For Easter morning, the plate will be served with delicious sausages. These are freshly cooked, hot off the griddle for fairies to eat and enjoy! They have been bought from one of the fairy farms, where they had been lovingly made with everyone’s best nutrition in mind. See them with the set at Etsy.

3. Wonderful Waffles

And of course, there are waffles on the plates. These are the best part of the entire Easter morning meal! It’s not often that even fairies can get to enjoy delicious waffles. Perfectly golden, with ridges all crisp, the waffles will be served with the eggs and sausages. They could be enjoyed with a nice pat of fresh butter or a heap of wonderfully sweet maple syrup! See them with the set at Etsy.

4. Beta “Carrot”-ene!

A nice fresh carrot is also waiting for the fairies when they sit down for breakfast for Easter morning. Carrots have been a familiar sight to the fairies in the garden these past few weeks. A number of Easter bunnies have come to the fairy gardens in preparation for spring and Easter, and they’ve brought the most delicious fairy carrots with them! See it with the set at Etsy.

5. Fancy Fairy Cutlery

Easter morning breakfast isn’t a regular breakfast, even in the fairy world. That’s why they will bring out the fine cutlery for the meal. A golden fork, shiny and precious, will be set down at the table. Fine china will also be laid out, and this is where the food will be placed. Even the daintiest little egg cups are part of the entire breakfast service! See it with the set at Etsy.

fg apr 8 2019 6-96. Nest of Blue Eggs

It’s nor Easter morning without some real Easter eggs! A beautiful nest, made from the top of an acorn that had come from a tree where fairies live, is sitting on the breakfast table. Bright green moss lines the nest. Upon the moss sit three brilliant turquoise blue eggs. The eggs aren’t for eating; they’re to celebrate Easter with! See it with the set at Etsy.

7. Easter Mats

Beneath the spread are the loveliest, most colorful Easter placemats. Both mats have been brightly colored in patterns of sky blue, sunshine yellow, bright red, and white. Glittery threads or a floral pattern adorn each one. The mats are ideal for a delicious meal this Easter morning. See the placemats with the set at Etsy.

8. The Pink Easter Bunny

A very special guest will be joining the fairies on this wonderful meal. A pale pink fairy Easter bunny is waiting for them. He’s the one who has brought the nice carrot for the fairies to share for breakfast. The bunny has also brought the turquoise eggs in the nest. This is so they can celebrate Easter. He’s there to make sure that everyone has a bright Easter morning. Get them with the set at Etsy.

9. Blossoming Branch

A bundle of pink flowers in on the table, and they adorn the entire spread. Their small, red, round buds add a splash of scarlet color to the entire meal. The flowers are as fresh as springtime itself. A breakfast fit for Easter morning will be complete with their fragrance. See it with the set at Etsy.

Fairies will enjoy a wonderful Easter morning meal with a spread like this one. They’ll be bright and energized, ready to start a wonderful day of Easter celebrations throughout the entire fairy garden!

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