Easter Egg Painting Party for the Sweetest Fairies

One of the most fun activities to do around this time of year is to have an Easter egg painting party! Thousands upon thousands of eggs have been brought in by helpful Easter bunnies. Now it’s up to the fairies to decorate these lovely eggs. The fairies tasked with decorating and painting the eggs have make sure that every single one is beautiful, special, and full of magic. But with all the eggs that they have to tend to, the fairies might hit a stump every now and again.

Painting with friends, especially fairy friends, is much more fun. Everyone can share their ideas and somehow the work gets faster! Having an Easter egg painting party is so much more fun, and many fairies look forward to it. Have a look at what an Easter egg painting party has in store.

fg apr 12 20191-51. Easter Egg Cookies

Egg painting is a lot more fun with a bit of a snack to nibble on as the work continues. Two sets of beautiful Easter egg cookies are waiting for the participants of this painting party. The cookies are golden in color and decorated with tri-colored Easter candy eggs that will surely delight any fairy’s sweet tooth. See it with the set at Etsy.

2.  Sweet Easter Candies

Easter eggs in the fairy garden are often made of candy or stuffed full of them. Fairies have a sweet tooth after all! A plate full of candies is found in this egg painting party. They’re tiny and the perfect size to hide inside a candy egg. And no one would see any harm in a fairy snacking on one of them or two while painting eggs! See it with the set at Etsy.

3. The Green Easter Bunny

Joining this egg painting party is a tiny green, magical Easter bunny. This helpful little bunny has brought the plain eggs to start with. After the fairies would have painted and decorated the eggs as they see fit, he would help them out by placing all the eggs in a basket. He will be right at hand to help them put the eggs in their proper hiding places. Meet him with the set at Etsy.

4. Delicious Magic Lemonade

There is something very special about the lemonade in this egg painting party. It’s tart and delicious, with that delicious sweetness of pure honey. And for some reason, the ice never seems to melt, the drink never seems to get cold, and it doesn’t seem to run out as the fairies sip on it! Magical lemonade is a wonder during spring and summer! See some with the set at Etsy.

5. The Pastel Easter Eggs

The Easter egg painting party has been quite productive! The fairies have already completed a nice plateful of pretty pastel eggs. These lovely eggs could be shared as they are, but a creative fairy or two might want to add a bit of extra decoration to them. They could add spots, speckles, or stripes, sometimes even glitter or lace! See the eggs with the set at Etsy.

fg apr 12 2019 6-96. Cups of Pastel Paint

The egg painting party employs a very easy method: cups full of paint and pigment! The fairy artists must have given everyone these cups. It’s very easy to pick up an Easter egg, dip it into the paint cup, and roll it around until it’s nice and evenly coated. It’s a fast and easy way to get through all the thousands of eggs that need decorating! See them with the set at Etsy.

7. Painter’s Spoon

You would be surprised at how useful a spoon can be when it comes to decorating eggs in this painting party! A fairy can use the spoon to scoop up the paint to cover the blank spots in an egg. They can also use the spoon to whisk and splatter a different color of paint onto the egg, which will create lovely speckles. They can also use the spoon’s side to make swirly lines and more. See them with the set at Etsy.

8. Safety Paper

All this art can get messy! Everything in the egg painting party will be wet and covered in paint. All that paint can’t stain anything else. Paint cups might tip and spill, along with the lemonade. Just to be safe, the fairies have laid down some scrap newspaper beneath all the art stuff. It was a good idea: the paper is already covered in paint splatter! It comes with the set at Etsy.

9. Easter Place Mats

To add an extra touch of Easter fun to the egg painting, a pair of pretty Easter placemats has been placed beneath the scene. Covered in pastel colors, in patterns of Easter eggs or polka dots, they’re the perfect finishing touch to the whole party. See them with the set at Etsy.

Everyone has to work hard and do all the egg painting that they can. With Easter just around the corner, there’s no time to lose!

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