How to Host a Christmas Party for Fairies

Christmas Day is just one week away and over at Fairyland, we’re busy preparing for the arrival of traveling fairies! These traveling fairies come from far and wide to visit their fairy friends and families this holiday season. You too can prepare for their arrival on Christmas day by setting up these festive holiday fairy garden accessories. Here’s how you can host a Christmas party for fairies.

Prepare Their Homes

Fairies who travel throughout the holidays will need a place to stay. Make sure they have a cozy little place to come home to this season by adding a Christmas village or holiday inn. Here are some ideas.

How to Host a Christmas Party for Fairies

  1. Fairy House Winter Rose Cottage

This Christmas, let your fairy friends come home to the Winter Rose Cottage, a handmade little home that features beautiful dark red winter roses, a seed pod lantern lights and a sweet little chimney. Fairies can rest in front of the fire inside and keep warm while it snows outside.

  1. Christmas LED Camper for Fairy Garden

As fairies travel this holiday season, some of them will arrive on a camper like this one! This charming camper features a holiday wreath and some garlands, as well as a Christmas tree on top! Fairies are truly ready to celebrate the season!

  1. Miniature Park Bench Christmas Village

Let your traveling fairy friends rest on this Christmas Village park bench that’s complete with some festive accessories. It has a little red bird, a snowman, and a pair of trees! You can also personalize it by writing on the park bench, which is perfect as a gift too.

Leave Out Some Food

Fairies will have their own celebrations on Christmas Day and no celebration is complete without some food! Here are some fairy food that’s perfect for the holiday season.

  1. Miniature Cheese and Wine Board

This spread looks delicious! This Christmas, let your fairy friends feast on some cheese and grapes to go with their wine. This handmade treat comes with a cheese slice, a slab of cheese, some fresh grapes, a wine bottle, a knife, and a cutting board. Perfect for entertaining little fairies!

  1. Christmas Dinner on Tray

Dinner is served! This elegant piece is a turkey laying on some mashed potatoes and vegetables. It is served in a classy golden tray with a little cover to go with it! Once the fairies smell the turkey, they’ll come running to the dinner table!

How to Host a Christmas Party for Fairies

  1. Elegant Christmas Sideboard

What a delightful little scene to find in your Christmas-themed fairy garden! This enchanting set features so many little realistic details that you’ll surely love to discover over and over again. Even the mice are excited to share in the fun! The magical Christmas set includes a mouse wearing a red Santa jacket and green scarf holding a holly and a mouse wearing a green jacket with a white and red scarf holding a candy cane. It also includes one brown sideboard, a Christmas stocking, three white and red candy canes, and pretty cake with white frostings with red cherries on top in a cake stand. You’ll also get a pair of wine glasses, a white bottle brush Christmas tree, snowballs, plaid table napkins, a festive green package with a gold bow, and red festive package with a white and green bow. To top it all off, you also have a pair of green topiary trees in white pots, a gingerbread man, a pair of glass coffee cups with whip cream on top, and a green wine bottle.

  1. Frosty is Coming For Tea and Coco

No matter what time of the year, fairies will have their tea and coco! This charming Christmas tea time set features a pair of fruit tarts, two cups of coco, a red and white dotted table mat, a red and white peppermint candy cane, a festive table mat, two spoons, and one top hat. Also included in this set are a variety of balls, bulbs, snowballs, and a Christmas tree.

Drink and Be Merry!

Fairies will have to toast to the Christmas season. Make sure they have some drinks on hand to cheer on the holidays.

  1. Case of Cola for Fairy Garden

Soda and parties go together like peanut butter and jelly! Let your fairy friends enjoy the season with some soda. It’s a party staple that they’ll love to have around. This fairy garden accessory is crafted from resin and comes with intricate, realistic details.

  1. Chillin’ Beverage for Fairy Garden

For fairies who would like a little something stronger to cheer the holidays on, these miniature cans of beer will do the trick! They’re made of metal and lots of magic, so there will be free-flowing beer all night in Fairyland!

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Vodka Bottle

This super realistic Absolut vodka bottle will make your friends and family do a double take! It’s a nice little piece to leave in your friend’s fairy garden as a trick. Wait for them to be surprised and watch as they wonder what the fairies have been up to at the party last night.

Now that you can host a Christmas party for fairies, don’t forget to check out even more magical fairy garden accessories in the link below. All throughout this week, we will bring you festive ideas to celebrate the season with your fairy friends, so don’t forget to bookmark this page!

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