How to Make a Fairy Garden Campsite

We’re knee deep in summer, the best season to get out into the wild and commune with nature. It’s the season when all we want to do is drive out to the countryside, pitch a tent, start a fire, and build a campsite. Our fairyland friends are the same. Fairies enjoy socializing over good food and drink in a setting that’s close to their hearts: the outdoors.

So how can we recreate that experience for our fairy garden friends? It’s fairly simple. Here is our 10-step guide on how to build your own fairy garden campsite.

How to Make a Fairy Garden Campsite

1. Prepare your oval planter bowl and fill with potting soil.

Large oval planter bowls can accommodate more plants and fairy garden accessories. Deeper ones will provide ample room for plant roots to grow optimally. Fill the oval planter bowl with potting soil of your choice, up to four-fifths of the container. The Crescent Garden Delano Oval Bowl in mocha measures 21.06 x 30.12 x 9.84 inches, enough to accommodate ample potting soil for your fairy garden plants. Available on Amazon for $139.80.

2. Create a flowing river.

You’ll need several items to complete the river. First, you’ll need a deep liner plant saucer which will hold the running water that will become your pond. Embed it into the potting soil. Cut out a 2-inch by 2-inch square on one side of the rim. This is where your water will flow. Create a stream on the potting soil that leads to the cut out on the side of the rim. Place a black trash bag on top of your planter and cut around the edges of your stream and pond. Get your deep liner plant saucer on Amazon for $7.35.

3. Accessorize your pond.

Take different-sized rocks and moss to decorate your pond. Attach a water pump to a hydroponics air line. Place the water pump in your pond and place rocks on top of it. Make sure that the other end of your hydroponics air line lies where your stream begins. You can also keep it in place using some rocks. Rocks and moss often come in terrarium kits on Amazon, starting at $16.95.

4. Get planting!

Create a magical mini forest by planting different kinds of fairy garden plants. This will be a piece of cake with Hirt’s Gardens set of five different fairy garden plants, available on Amazon for $7.99.

5. Start accessorizing with your centerpiece.

Once you’re done planting, it’s time to create your camping scene! At the heart of your campsite is a quaint little camper for your fairy friends. This metal-made one features a door and window that both open. Get this on Etsy for $32.00.

6. Provide the best seats in the house.

Your fairy friends will have a ball lounging on this webbed lawn chair made of metal. It also comes in blue! Get this on Etsy for $8.49.

7. Light it up!

A campsite is never complete without a bonfire. Keep your fairy friends warm with this fairy garden fire pit kit that includes two marshmallow toasting sticks, a fire pit, and four stone benches. Get the entire set for $19.95 on Etsy.

8. Keep it cool.

Make sure your fairies don’t go thirsty on their camping trip with this cooler filled with ice cold cola and beer. It  has a lid too, to preserve the cold! This summer camping essential is available on Etsy for $12.09.

9. Keep it yummy!

Your fairy friends will have lots of fun swimming in the stream, so make sure that at the end of the day, they’ll get their energy back with some delectable sandwiches and fruit. This set is available on Etsy for $7.77.

10. Let the good times roll.

Fairies love to play music and sing. After all, what’s a campsite without fairies to sing and dance with? This set of fairy garden accessories features a miniature adirondack chair for kicking back and relaxing, a guitar, and a beer mug. You can purchase them separately or as a set on Etsy for $18.40.


Lastly, don’t forget to fill your pond with water and plug in your water pump, then watch your campsite come to life! Can you smell the roasting marshmallows and hotdogs now? Have a wonderful summer with your magical fairy garden friends!


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