Magical Fall Mega Fairy Garden

The enchanted folks of Fairy Land are celebrating the Fall Fairy Festival at the largest and grandest Magical Fall Mega Fairy Garden!

Fairies and enchanted folks from all the corners of the globe come together to celebrate! It is also where Fairy King Henry and Queen Olivia will select the new Fall Fairy Princess!

Fairies and enchanted folks from all the corners of the globe come together to celebrate! It is also where Fairy King Henry and Queen Olivia will select the new Fall Fairy Princess!

Stay tuned with Teelie’s Fairy Garden to witness below this awesome and enchanting Mega Fall Fairy Garden event! The fairies hope to inspire you to create your own magical Fall fairy garden this season.

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The Fairies have been so busy this Fall preparing the Magical Mega Fall Fairy Garden. They are preparing it for the Fall Fairy Ball in which the Fall Fairy Princess will be chosen. The air is full of excitement and the buzz of fairy wings as they scurry to prepare.

Fall-Mega-Fairy-GardenSweet Fairy Table

This sweet fairy table will be at the entrance of the Fall fairy garden and the fairies will be able to select a pumpkin to remember the Fall Festival and Fall Fairy Ball.

Little Squirrel

This little squirrel is a fairy helper and is helping to organize the pumpkins for the fairy pumpkin carving contest-always a main attraction at the Fall Festival.

Corn Stalks

A Fall Festival would not be complete without the presence of the corn stalks. What makes this one so very special is the magical white pumpkin that is being watched over by the trusted frog-Crocker! The magical white pumpkin will be presented to King Henry and Queen Olivia upon their arrival to the festival.

Buddy, the Squirrel

Buddy, the Squirrel oversees in organizing all the pumpkins and brings them to the pumpkin carving contest in his magical crates-they fly you know!

Harrita, the Golden Harvest Fairy

This is the lovely Harrita, the Golden Harvest Fairy. As you can see she has in her handmade shopping bag the food provisions for the festival. I bet you are wondering how she will feed all the fairies and enchanted creatures that are coming from all corners of the globe? Well, you must remember Harrita is a fairy with great magical powers and her bag never runs out of food-it just keeps filling up.

Skirty, the Scarecrow

Skirty, the Scarecrow is at the entrance of the Fall Festival and welcomes all the magical creatures that are attending. He has a pet crow, Cuddles that never leaves his side and at night they do the scarecrow jig together with the fairies, it is a Fall Festival tradition.

Stuppy, the Squirrel

Meet Stuppy, the Squirrel. He is the fastest squirrel in the Fairy Kingdom as he has the only magical scooter, which was given to him by the King and Queen for his amazing talent as the head squirrel trainer in the Fairy Kingdom. Be sure to stay out of his way as he is lightning fast!

Scukie, the Scarecrow

Well, this is Scukie, the Scarecrow and he works in the pumpkin patches in the Fairy Kingdom. All the squirrels are his helpers and with their assistance the pumpkins are delivered to the Fall Festival in time for the festivities.

Gnome’s Wheelbarrow

As you know the Gnomes are the gardeners in the Fairy Kingdom, helping the fairies with all their gardens. This is a very famous Gnome’s wheelbarrow-Gunter the Gnome. He is famous since he is the fastest gardener in all the Fairy Kingdom and all the fairies want him to help with their gardens.

Squicky, the Baby Squirrel

This is Squicky, the Baby Squirrel. He is in training to gather acorns and small pumpkins, as the larger pumpkins are too heavy for him and he has not mastered his magical squirrel powers yet.

Glina, the Glitter Fairy

This is Glina, the Glitter Fairy. She has a very sparkly assignment in the Fairy Kingdom. She oversees glittering all the pumpkins that are for decorations at the Fall Festival and the Fall Fairy Ball. She has been glittering all night and is taking a well-deserved rest!

Fall harvest table

The bunnies are getting the Fall harvest table organized for the great Fall fairy feast. They have just begun to set up the table and are waiting for Harrita the Golden Harvest Fairy to place all her prepared treats for all the magical creatures attending the festival.

The fairies have hoped you can take away some inspiration for your own magical Fall fairy garden by viewing their Magical Mega Fall Fairy Garden. If you have any questions for any of the fairies you have just met please leave a comment below or send them a message!

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