Magical Mobiles for a Baby’s Room

magical mobiles for a baby's room

Hello friends and welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. The Wee Folks love it when babies are born and they thought that in celebration of this new year that is filled with hope and new beginnings, that they’d share some of their favorite baby mobiles. Baby fairies, pixies, mermaids, and gnomes love them.

Baby Mobiles
1. Magical Unicorn Mobile
Baby Crib Mobile by Giftsfarm, Unicorn Baby Mobile for Girl Nursery Décor
2. Dreaming Owls Mobile
Lambs & Ivy Sweet Owl Dreams Gray/Pink Musical Baby Crib Mobile Soother Toy
3. Mickey Mouse Mobile
Lambs & Ivy Disney Baby Magical Mickey Mouse Musical Baby Crib Mobile – Gray
4. Full of Love Mobile
Lambs & Ivy Signature Heart to Heart Pink/White Musical Baby Crib Mobile

Magical Unicorn Mobile

The first mobile that we’d like to share features some enchanted unicorns. It would be perfect for a magical fairy themed nursery. Find it on Amazon.

Dreaming Owls Mobile

In Fairy Land, there are also a number of owls that enjoy spending time in the magical trees. Therefore, we selected a magical and musical mobile that features some adorable gray owls. Babies and their parents will love this. Find it on Amazon.

Mickey Mouse Mobile

Even in Fairy Land, the Wee Folk have heard of the Disney character Mickey Mouse. They love the magic of these characters and have chosen to show you a baby mobile featuring Mickey. Find it on Amazon.

Full of Love Mobile

The next mobile we chose you show you is filled with delightful hearts. They are the symbol of love being showered over a baby. It’s a beautiful sentiment. This mobile also plays music. Find it on Amazon.

Baby Mobiles
1. Jungle Animals Mobile
Oberlux Musical Baby Crib Mobile - Jungle Animal Safari Theme Baby Soother, Gray, Tan, Baby Toy Animals
2. Snoopy Mobile
Lambs & Ivy Classic Snoopy Musical Baby Crib Mobile Soother Toy - Black/Yellow
3. Woodland Creatures Mobile
Lolli Living Baby Crib Musical Mobile w/Sparrow & Deer - Knitted Woodland Bird Safari Animal Characters | Hanging Decor w/Electronic Music Box for Newborn & Nursery Bedding/Crib | Baby Girl
4. Cute Clouds Mobile
Baby Crib Mobile, Handmade Baby Mobile Infant Toy Hanging Dreamy Clouds Nursery Bed Decoration, Crib Mobile Décor

Jungle Animals Mobile

There are fairies assigned to duties around the world and some of these responsibilities include looking after jungle animals like the elephants. Find this adorable musical mobile on Amazon.

Snoopy Mobile

Another well-known figure that the We Folk are familiar with are the Peanuts character of Snoopy. There is a magical mobile featuring him and Woodstock the bird. Find it on Amazon.

Woodland Creatures Mobile

There are also fairies assigned to work in forests and we found a musical mobile that included some adorable, knitted sparrows and deer. Discover how cute this mobile is on Amazon.

Cute Clouds Mobile

The final mobile that we wanted to show you today features some very cute clouds. There are many weather fairies that work in Fairy Land and this is a tribute to their hard work. Find the cloud mobile on Amazon.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure to learn about some magical baby mobiles. The babies and infants of Fairy Land will certainly enjoy these, and we expect that that parents of human children will also enjoy these enchanted options. Please continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden for book releases and other magical fairy news.

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