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Mary Englebreit Fairy Garden Collection

Hello, Fairy Lovers! Watch out! We have new fairies and decor coming to our fairy land!

We are all beyond excited to welcome a new collection here in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This will feature creative fairies and items with unique interest, dreams, and hopes. It is the Mary Engelbreit Fairy Garden collection!

Mary Engelbreit is a famous illustrator on Children’s books. Characters from her stories have become best sellers for all miniature fairy garden enthusiasts.

Take a peek at what they look like! We are featuring special inspirations from our current items for you to recreate.

We’ll have MORE items coming from this beautiful collection soon, so make sure  to keep yourselves updated by visiting our page and signing up for our newsletter to stay informed HERE

Eva, the Garden Fairy

Eva the Garden Fairy

Eva is a strong-willed gardener, determined to grow her own food to share with her friends! Eva’s collection is composed of bees, veggie marker, chicken, and a potting bench.


1Eva, the Garden Fairy

Eva loves to garden and share the fruits of her labor to everyone in fairy land. Let your fairies meet and play with her!

2. Rooster

This rooster keeps Fairy Eva accompanied at the garden. Let him be the official morning wakeup call in your fairy land!

3. Green Potting Bench

This green potting bench will make it easier for Fairy Eva to plant!

4. Veggie Garden Markers

These adorable veggie garden markers would be great in labeling the plants that Fairy Eva is growing!

Lily, the Flower Fairy

Lily Main

Lily enjoys taking a moment to stop and smell the roses she plants in her garden. Lily’s collection is composed of a watering can, rose topiary, potted plants, and a trellis.


1. Lily, the Flower Fairy

Fairy Lily is sweet and loves sweet-smelling flowers.

2. Rose Topiary

This rose topiary is one of Fairy Lily’s favorite! It stands tall with a round form in the end surrounded with fine roses.

3. Ladybug Watering Can

An adorable ladybug watering can that fairy Lily can use! It has intricate polka dot design.

4. Patterned Potted Flowers

See how lovely these patterned potted flowers are? Fairy Lily’s doing a great job! Let your fairy land look more beautiful by having it!

Maisie, the Artist Fairy

Maisie, the Artist Fairy

Maisie is an artist who loves daydreaming and painting outdoors. Maisie’s collection is composed of an artist easel, cat on a stool, toadstool, and birdhouse.


1. Maisie, the Artist Fairy

Fairy Maisie is a great artist. She takes inspiration from the great outdoor scenery. Let your fairies be her latest painting’s models!

2. Artist Easel

This artist easel holds Fairy Maisie’s latest painting! Isn’t it lovely?

3. Cat on Stool

This is Fairy Maisie’s adorable pet. He accompanies her while she’s painting!

4. Yellow Cherry Birdhouse

Fairy Maisie loves to look at this yellow cherry birdhouse and wait for the birds to come out so she could paint them!

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