Pink Fairy Garden Made With Fairy Dust and Love For The Cause

The fairies in the Fairy Kingdom are helping with the opportunity this October to spread the word about steps women can take to detect breast cancer early. Being such loving magical creatures, they always want to lend a helping wing. What many humans do not realize that the fairies are always behind the scenes helping with everyday life in the human world. So, they decided to create a pink fairy garden to honor women of all ages and support Breast Cancer Awareness. They have been very creative and they are hoping you will share their pink fairy garden in support of the cause-Enjoy!

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The main stay of food for fairies is sweets, so of course they had to create a pink sweet cart to share all their favorite sweet goodies! They also love anything sparkly so they added a few babbles too.


A fairy garden would not be complete without a pink fairy garden stand, stocked with garden tools. The blooms are in full splendor ready to be picked and made into a beautiful bouquet!


What Breast Cancer Awareness October fairy garden would not be complete without pink pumpkins? They come in several lovely shades of pink for easy fairy decorating!


Oh, here is Sissy, the sweet pink fairy offering a magical crystal and a pink pumpkin! Always so generous!


The famous sign maker, Squirky made this sign especially for this garden Breast Cancer Awareness fairy garden. Please note the delicate hint of pink in the sign and the sweet mini hot pink stars-so adorable.


Oh, the lovely Fairy Petunia loves to sit and enjoy all the pink pumpkins and the adorable white bunnies. She oversees taking care of the pink blossoming tree behind her, making sure it gets enough water to always stay in bloom.


There is always time for sweet pink fairy tea breaks in the Fairy Kingdom! The favorite food, as all fairies is sweets, any and all kinds of sweets. So, if you want to keep your fairy happy be sure to stock your fairy garden with a delicious variety of sweets!


There is a Fairy, her name is Sparkle -Fiffer in the Fairy Kingdome that specializes in jeweled fairy houses and was asked to create this especially for this lovely pink garden supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Around the stem she added pearls with some sparkly gems. A very rare necklace was placed at the top and jewels around the windows. She also decorated a small pumpkin with sparkles (actually fairy dust)-never enough fairy sparkle!!

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