Tasks for a Better May With Your Awesome Fairy Check List

Teelie’s Fairy Garden wants you to enjoy an awesome month of May with your magical fairy checklist. We’re going to show you some simple tasks that can make your month even better. Don’t forget as long as you believe in the fairies they’ll be watching over you.

May Checklist 

The May Checklist

Discover your awesome fairy checklist. We have put it above and it is also available on our social media platforms. It’s a great time to start checking magical tasks off your list.

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Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Item number one on your fairy checklist tells you to pay attention to your surroundings as the fairies may have left you some surprises. The surprises could be anything. It might be the dew drops sparkling from the sunshine on the grass that’ll bring a smile to your face, or a chipmunk crossing your path while you take a nature walk. The fairies look after numerous aspects of our surroundings. We decided to show you a magnificent apple tree with a hedgehog that lives in the tree trunk. These are beautiful reminders of how enchanted our surroundings can be. Learn more here.

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Listen for the Sounds

The next item on your checklist asks that you listen to the sound of the fairies singing. They may have joined a choir which may or may not include birds. Music is so uplifting. The fairies love to make it together and they also love it when their bird and animal friends join in. We decided to show you a purple floral fairy musical carousel that rotates and plays the waltz. Learn more here.

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A Magical Hug

The fairy checklist recommends that you give someone a hug. The fairies will hug you too. You never know when they’re nearby. We decided to introduce you to this adorable fairy who is hugging her dragon friend. Learn more here.

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Search the Flowers

Next on the fairy checklist is to search for the fairies amongst the fairy blossoms. They love spending their time dancing and flying around the flowers. Sometimes they’ll even take a nap amongst the petals. You might not even realize that they’re there as they move quickly, and you might mistake them for a bee or other flying creature. These fairy flower girls are named Narcissus and Rose. They’d be difficult to find in the gardens as they look a lot like flowers. Learn more here.

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Sweet Treats

The fairies would like you to try a sweet treat as part of your magical fairy checklist. Sweets are their favorites. These 4th of July-inspired ice cream sandwiches would be the perfect treat for a hot day. Learn more here.

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Magical Experiences

The fairies love having magical experiences and want you to know that sometimes you can enjoy more than one aspect of their May checklist at the same time. These fairies are enjoying music, flowers, and dancing all at the same time. Learn more here.

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Nature’s Gifts

Nature has many gifts to share with us including the sunshine, wind, and creatures. We love how the fairies in this scene are enjoying the opportunity to fly a kite, enjoy a hula hoop, and be outside enjoying the day with their bird friends. Learn more here.

Thank you for spending time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden with us. We hope that you have been inspired to go out and enjoy the magic of May with our fairy checklist for the month. We’d love to hear from you. Comment below or reach out to us on social media to let us know how your checklist went.

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