The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Garden Accessories for Bookworms

The beginning of the school year is just around the corner! We’re so excited to see our fairy friends hitting the books. That’s why today, we’re going to talk about fairy garden accessories for bookworms. In this Fairy Scoop, we’ll discover the tiny trinkets for those who always have their nose in a book! What you might not know is that fairies do love to read, too, so they’ll definitely love these fairy garden accessories. Now turn to page one of this story!

Fairy Garden Accessories for Bookworms

  1. Fairy Garden Mailbox Waiting on Mail

Meet Matilda, a bookish little fairy who enjoys spending time by her fairy mailbox. She’s a shy little fairy whose nose is always in a book. She loves to wait by her mailbox for new mail, as she is subscribed to Fairyland Weekly, her favorite magazine. She also loves to order books and have them delivered to her home. Matilda is also accompanied by her trusty pet dog, Bruce, who sits beside her as she reads.

  1. Fairy Garden Mailbox with Miniature Newspaper

Aside from books, fairies enjoy reading the paper. They’re quite old-fashioned that way. This is why they have mailboxes in their homes. A special group of fairies are tasked to deliver newspapers on a daily basis to make sure news spreads quickly, far and wide. This rustic mailbox is carefully crafted by the mailbox maker fairy, who is a gifted craftsman. He specializes in mailboxes and homes for his fellow fairies.

  1. Miniature Cat with Books and Hidden Compartment

Fairies are mysterious little creatures and it’s not surprising that this fairy garden accessory has an amazing hidden compartment! This is where your fairy friends can hide their fairy dust or any little treasures they find during their travels. This little cat guards the fairies’ favorite books, while the little mouse makes sure no one steals them and the hidden treasure!

  1. Fairy Miniature Small Hedgehog Reading Book Under the Mushroom with Butterfly

Meet Harry the Hedgehog. He is a diligent little hedgehog who likes to read when he’s not lending his hand (or paws) to the fairies of the forest. He enjoys reading about swashbuckling adventures and dreams of becoming a hero one day! Sometimes, he even reads to his good friend, Betty the Butterfly, who sits atop his favorite mushroom.

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Frog Reading Book on Turtle

Meet Tully the Frog and Tilda the Turtle. Together, they’re known as Tully and Tilda, two best friends from the woodlands who love to read. Together, they read stories to fairy children and animals, or anyone who would listen! Tully often narrates the story, while Tilda loves to embellish and provide sound effects. They often travel together to tell stories from their book collection.

Fairy Garden Accessories for Bookworms


  1. Fairy Garden Mini Baby Bear Reading

Fellow bookworms, this is Boba the Bear, a young bear who is very absorbed with her little book. She dreams of becoming the first bear to write a full length novel in the Fairy Kingdom. She’s doing her research and getting inspired by the stories she reads. Watch out, New York Best Selling List! Boba is coming!

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Book Rack With Books

Remember Tully and Tilda, the avid book readers? They’re also proud owners of a collection of classics. This is their book rack, featuring several vintage volumes. This fairy garden accessory and miniature is whimsical, as you can remove some of the books to place on other miniature furniture! Such a quaint little addition to your magical fairy garden.

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Garden Gnome Reading Book With Owl

This wise old gnome named Wilbury has something up his sleeve. He enjoys spending his afternoons sitting atop a rock, reading the latest editions of magical journals and books he receives in the mail. He imparts his knowledge on his friend, Olga the Owl. You’ll often see them in the garden, discussing ideas after reading a book.

  1. Owl Under Book Figurine

Too many books, too little time! That’s exactly how this little owl feels. Poor fellow sometimes gets overwhelmed with the number of books he needs to finish reading. This is a lovely gift to your bookworm friends and a cute addition to your fairy garden.

  1. Shakespeare Macbeth Owl Open Book

This gorgeously handmade fairy book is truly one of a kind. It will truly pique your fairy garden friends’ interest, as it looks very vintage and magical. It includes a rope-like bookmark and a key. Such an enchanting little treat!

These fairy garden accessories for bookworms have truly warmed our literary-loving hearts! We hope it did the same for you. If you want to explore more bookish ideas, follow the link below!

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