Toys for Pets to Play with in the Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are home not only to your magical friends but also to your furry friends, the animals that we call our extended families. Our gardens are often havens for our dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds to freely roam around and discover the world around them. Because we love our extended family so much, we only want the best for them. That’s why we’ve curated the most interesting and most fun toys for pets to play with in and outside your fairy garden.


Best Toys for Pets and Pet-lovers

When choosing toys for pets to play with in a fairy garden, one must always consider safety. After all, we want nothing more than our pets to be happy and safe all the time. That’s why one has to be meticulous when it comes to selecting toys and other playthings for pets. Here, we have some toys that furry pets will surely enjoy spending time playing with in your fairy garden.

Toys for Pets to Play with in the Fairy Garden

1. All for Paws Classic Squirrel Pet Toys

Bring out the fun-loving, adventurous hunter among your fairy garden pets and furry pals with this realistic looking squirrel that’s equipped with a sqeaker inside for more fun! Bring out your dog’s natural hunting instinct with this safe toy that will fit well into your fairy garden. Your dog will surely love practicing hunting down the evil forces that may threaten the fairies in your garden. Available at Amazon for $8.66.

2. RustickDuck Dry Wild Grapevine Sticks for pet chews

What dog doesn’t love to play fetch? This set of five pieces of naturally air- and sun-dried grapevine sticks are 12 inches long and weigh a total of one pound. They are a great, natural treat for your four-legged friends who love to play and run around your fairy garden. It is harvested in a remote section of the woods, so you’re sure that it doesn’t contain any pesticides and harmful chemicals for your furry friends. Available at Etsy for $10.00.

3. BuddyBirdToys Hanging Around in the Garden

This whimsical rope swing is decorated with garden print  and features no fleece so it’s definitely safe for your pets. It’s made of half an inch sisal rope and stainless steel wire. There is also some plastic rings and a color bell for additional fun for your cockatiels, green cheeks, quakers, or other small birds. Have fun with your pet winged friends with this garden-perfect toy. Get it at Etsy for $9.99.

4. CutePurpleNarwhal Bee Cat Toy

Here’s something super adorable for your pet cats: the bee cat toy made entirely of crocheted yarn. This delightful little toy is so cute, you’d might want to keep it for yourself. It is made with 100% cotton yarn, so it’s definitely safe for your favorite furry friends. Get it on Etsy for $8.31.

5. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy, Bird Nest

This awesome interactive puzzle toy serves as a challenge for man’s best friend. It features three squeaky hedgehogs and a small burrow they can hide in. Best for small to medium-sized dogs, this hide and seek plush dog toy will surely keep them entertained for hours. Available at Amazon for $8.6

Toys for Pets to Play with in the Fairy Garden

6. Wags and Wiggles Catnip Cat Toy Toadstool

This garden-inspired cat toy is lovingly made by hand with a generous amount of organic catnip and some polyfil for the toy to maintain its shape. The toadstool is made of 100% cotton and corduroy fabric, all safe for your cats. Its triple-stitched to ensure durability and the catnip is especially placed inside the toy after you order to guarantee freshness. Get this lovely toy at Wags and Wiggles’ Etsy store for $6.99.

7. Pranovo Parakeet Stand Parrot Rest Hanging Weave Natural Rattan Basket

A fairy garden won’t be complete without a cozy home for your pet birds! This natural rattan-made swing features bells and flower designs that are eye-catching and entertaining for your little winged friends. It also encourages pet exercises by balancing around the nest. It’s very versatile because it can also be used as a parrot chew toy. Get this on Amazon for $11.58.

8. IFOYO Dog Squeaky Toy, Large Durable Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Interactive Dog Toys for Medium/Small Dogs

No actual logs to play with in the fairy garden? Worry not, as your dogs will adore this super cute toy made of high quality durable plush material. It features three squirrels and tree trunk where they can hide and seek with your furry pals. The three squirrels are equipped with their own sqeaker each, while the trunk is purely plush. Such an adventure for dogs! Available at Amazon for $15.99.

9. Birdhouses By Michele Hummingbird Swing Handmade “Sit-A-Bit” Hand Painted Wood Bird Perch for Small Garden Birds

There’s a lot of intricate detail that goes into this whimsical, handmade wooden bird perch for small garden birds. It features hand painted flowers on a vine on both sides of the wooden perch, as well as a bird adornment on the front side. You can also find decorative furniture nails and a gauge heavy wire for the perch. Get this on Etsy for $35.00.

10. Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree -Rabbit Toy

Discover the wonders of this fun tree that your pet rabbits are sure to love. It’s a fun chew and scratch toy that is made of materials that are safe for your furry ones. It’s made of seagrass and corn leaf and is great for pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rats. Available at Amazon for $24.18.


Remember that safety always comes above functionality and cost-efficiency when it comes to choosing toys for our beloved pets. For more great deals and awesome ideas for your fairy garden, make sure to follow Teelie’s Fairy Garden.


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