Pet Fairy Garden Miniatures

Fairy gardens are not quite complete without the magical creatures that are often found in enchanting forests and the like. After all, it is these creatures, just like our pet cats and dogs who are believed to truly see these magical fairies in gardens, fields, forests, and other natural landforms. Just like humans and their four-legged best friends, fairies also have a great relationship with their animal friends. For those who enjoy creating and maintaining fairy gardens, we’ve come up with a cool list of pet fairy garden miniatures that your fairy friends will truly appreciate having around.


The Fairy Dragon

Fairies are also often linked to the magical creature that is the dragon. While it’s not clear how they are related or why they are often linked together, the mythology surrounding fairies and dragons is often rooted in one’s culture. It’s even influenced pop culture, literature, and media. In fact, role-playing game lovers who are familiar with “Dungeons & Dragons” would know that there is such a thing as the faerie dragon, which is described as a dragon but with wings of a fairy. Today, fairies and dragons are still part of mythologies and age-old stories of magic and fantasy. To recreate the enchanting world of the past, we have curated a list of pet garden miniatures that will surely add another dimension to your fairy garden.

Pet Fairy Garden Miniatures

1. KousoulasKreations Miniature Green Dragon with Ladybug

Dragons can be fierce, but they can be friendly, too! This adorable resin-made fairy garden dragon features a tiny ladybug on his wing—a testament to how he’s really just a gentle giant. Get this lovely creature on Etsy for $11.01.

2. MiniaturExpressions Mini Roaring/Standing Red Dragon

Now this guy is really fierce! With a fiery red exterior, this roaring dragon is made of resin and balances out the green dragon we previously mentioned. Get this on Etsy for $5.49.

3. LemonDropMiniatures Baby Blue Dragon

This darling is a baby dragon who is just getting to know the new world! He is charming and super cute, and is a great addition to your fairy garden kingdom. Available at Etsy for $5.99.

4. Gardenflowers1 Fairy Garden Ceramic Frog

Speaking of kingdoms, this little frog just might be the perfect prince for your fairy kingdom! The frog prince is made of ceramic and is adorned with a gorgeous golden crown. He’s definitely a regal addition to your fairy garden. Available at Etsy for $8.00.

5. MiniaturExpressions Bunny Gardener Digging

Bunnies are always helpful around the garden. Just look at this tiny bunny equipped with a shoven, digging his way around? Isn’t he the most magically adorable? He also has a hat to keep him cool under the sun. Get this on Etsy for $6.99.

Pet Fairy Garden Miniatures

6. MagicMiniHouse Realistic Fairy Garden Resin Reading Squirrel

Here’s a one-of-a-kind addition to your fairy garden. This resin-made squirrel has an extensive library and is full of wisdom. He enjoys spending time with his favorite books and scrolls and won’t waste time cracking open a new one. This adorable reading squirrel comes complete with a pair of glasses, too! Available at Etsy for $17.76.

7. Gardenflowers1 Fairy Garden Chipmunk Miniature

Small but full of character—that’s how to describe this little chipmunk who refuses to part with his trusty peanut. Look closer and you see him happily smiling as he shows off his best bud (the peanut) to the world. Get this resin-made chipmunk on Etsy for $5.95. Optionally comes with a stake.

8. MyFairyGardensShop Glow-In-The-Dark Dragonflies

There’s nothing quite as magical as dragonflies that light up in the dark! This pair of gorgeous dragonflies are great for gardens especially towards dusk, when their colors begin to light up. A set of two costs $5.99 on Etsy.

9. TheLittleHedgerow fairy puppy dog Lulu with flower garland and wings

Meet Lulu, a fairy garden pet dog complete with magical wings and a garland on her head. She’s the fairies’ trusty best friend who enjoys days under the sun and running around through floral gardens. Lulu is available at Etsy for $6.95.

10. ThefairygardenUK Chicken & Free Range Egg Set

Fairy garden lovers who also enjoy raising their own poultry and cattle will appreciate this adorable set that features a farm yard scene. It includes a “Free Range Eggs” sign, a basket of tiny handmade eggs, a bucket of chicken feed, hay bale, cockerel, two hens, and two chicks. Prices on Etsy begin at $4.07.


Add a dash of magic into your fairy garden by adopting these fantastical pets. Your fairies will surely appreciate the lovely company.


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