Trendiest Gypsy Fairy Gardens Today

Hello, Fairy lovers!

Ever thought of free-spirited gypsy fairies? These Bohemian inspired friends are always associated with magical bright colors and vivid tribal patterns.

When we think of this group, we see campfires surrounded by playfully-colored gypsy wagons. There is bonfires, food, music, and dancing as they celebrate under the evening moonlight and give thanks for an abundant day.

If you love this type of theme then you need to have your very own gypsy fairy garden!

Be inspired to create your very own trendy gypsy fairy garden with these fairy garden inspirations that we’ve collected just for you!

Gypsy Fairy Garden Inspiration 1

Gypsy Fairy Garden Inspiration 1

This gypsy fairy garden is created with a lovely campfire, hanging birdhouses, furniture, watering can, and two lovely owls.


  1. Filigree Patterned Bench

This lovely filigree patterned bench is perfectly designed for your gypsy fairy garden!

  1. Mini Hanging Birdhouses

These adorable birdhouses will add beauty and a pop of color to your gypsy fairy garden!

  1. Gypsy Campfire

This gypsy campfire will bring warmth as the gypsy fairies celebrate an abundant day!

Gypsy Fairy Garden Inspiration 2

Gypsy Fairy Garden Inspiration 2

This gypsy fairy garden is created with an adorable tree house, hammock, pinwheels, and stepping stones. It’s a wonderful resting place for working gypsy fairies!


  1. Brightly Painted Metal Hammock

Gypsy fairies love to lay in a hammock when they take a little break from work. This brightly painted metal hammock would be perfect!

  1. Folksy Tree House

Who wouldn’t want to stay in this adorable folksy tree house? I know the gypsy fairies would!

  1. Mini Pinwheels

The lovely gypsy fairies love blowing pinwheels especially when they have different bright colors!

Gypsy Fairy Garden Inspiration 3

Gypsy Fairy Garden Inspiration 3

This gypsy fairy garden is created with a bistro, party flags, iced tea set, and two adorable flamingos. This is a perfect lounge setup for fairies who love to relax and enjoy snacks.


  1. Iced Tea Set

After a long day at work, the gypsy fairies deserve cold, refreshing, and delicious iced tea!

  1. Party Flags

Festive party flags are a must in a gypsy fairy garden and these color party flags are perfect! It makes any atmosphere instantly vibrant.

  1. Retro Bistro Set

An afternoon tea with family and friends would be perfect with this lovely retro bistro set

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Credits to the owner of the inspirations used.


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