Trendy Suitcase Fairy Gardens

Hello Fairy Lovers!

We hope you’re having fun this summer! While preparing for your vacation essentials are some of your suitcases showing some wear and tear? Are you planning on replacing them with some new ones?

We recommend you think twice before disposing them because we have a special project to feature for you! Make use of your old suitcases by transforming them into magical suitcase fairy gardens! Yes, a lot of fairy garden enthusiasts have discovered this awesome trend.

Fairies and other whimsical friends will be excited to live in this contemporary and trendy abode.

Give your old travel cases a new purpose. We’ve gathered inspiration for you to start your very own suitcase fairy garden project!

Inspiration 1

Suitcase Fairy Garden Inspiration 1

This is the Zen suitcase fairy garden. It is composed of a home or a temple, pathway, and monks or Buddha that stays in the temple! This is the perfect haven for fairies who love to relax and find their “inner peace.”


  1. Curved Pathway

This curved pathway will lead fairies to the temple where the monks wait. Isn’t it lovely? See more pathways here.

  1. Zen Buddha

Isn’t this Zen Buddha adorable? He sends peace and love to your fairies! See more Zen items here.

  1. Zen Pagoda

This zen pagoda is perfect for this project! It looks solemn that the fairies would love to stay and meditate. See more Zen items here.

Suitcase Fairy Garden Inspiration 2

Suitcase Fairy Garden Inspiration 2

This suitcase fairy garden inspiration is like the farmer’s backyard! It is composed of an arbor, a bench, a beehive, rake, watering can and birdhouse.


  1. Garden Trellis Arbor

This garden trellis arbor is perfect for this suitcase fairy garden! The fairies love how the vines slowly grow up through it. See more trellises here.

  1. Rustic Red Birdhouse

The fairies’ little birds can find home in this adorable rustic red birdhouse! Isn’t it lovely? See more birdhouses here.

  1. Appalachian Bench

This Appalachian bench is beautiful! It is perfect to rest at after a long day of work! See more benches here.

Suitcase Fairy Garden Inspiration 3

Suitcase Fairy Garden Inspiration 3

This suitcase fairy garden inspiration is composed of a door, bridge, bench, miniature tree and tiny pebbles. A perfect place of playful gnomes and pixies!


  1. Blossom Bistro Set

The fairies and their friends are going to have a wonderful tea time with this dainty blossom bistro set! See more bistros here.

  1. Mini Stone Overlook Bridge

The enchanted folks would be amazed at how beautiful this overlook bridge is! See more bridges here.

  1. Fairy Stone Door

Any fairy would love to move into your suitcase fairy garden when they see this adorable fairy stone door! See more doors here


Perfect Bonsai Trees For Suitcase Gardening

See more trees here

Credits to the owner of the photos used as inspiration.
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