Trendy Fall Fairy Garden Items

The autumn season has already started and the enchanted folks are excited. They’re already planning for a huge feast. They’re harvesting the pumpkins and preparing their homes for Fall and Thanksgiving!

We have gathered the trendiest Fall fairy items that would make your fairy garden look extra magical!



A.   Putka Pumpkins

These lovely putka pumpkins will look gorgeous in the fairies’ wheelbarrow!

B.   Fairy Baby on Orange Pumpkin

Fairies are walking on their tip toes because this cute fairy baby on the orange pumpkin is having a serene nap. Isn’t he the cutest?

C.   Autumn Gourds

These autumn gourds would be lovely at the fairies’ table for Thanksgiving!

D.   Fairy Baby on White Pumpkin

The enchanted folks adore this lovely fairy baby so much!

E.   Mini Fall Pumpkins

The lady gnomes are happy with these fall pumpkins! They will be perfect for pumpkin pies!

F.   Fairy Baby on Green Pumpkin

Who wouldn’t love such an adorable baby fairy?



A.   Turkey with Pumpkin

The proud turkey stands on top of a tree stump with a pumpkin by its side as the fall season arrives.

B.   White Pumpkin Fairy House

The enchanted folks would be glad to move into this lovely fairy house. It features two cute pumpkins, a lamp, and a ladder.

C.   Be Thankful Turkey on Pumpkin

The symbolic turkey sitting on a pumpkin will remind your fairies to always be thankful.

D.   Orange Pumpkin House

This orange pumpkin house is perfect for a fall perfect garden!

E.   Turkey

The fairies are glad to welcome this beautiful turkey to their home!

F.   Fairy Pumpkin House

Pumpkin fairies would be excited when they see this lovely fairy pumpkin house! They surely will find pumpkin inspired furniture and kitchen utensils inside that would excite them even more.

Click the image below to see Pumpkin items that are perfect for fall!
Pumpkin Items Perfect for Fall

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