Trendy Mermaid Fairy Gardens

Summer season is here and the fairies are excited! Do you want to know why? It’s because they get to travel and see their mermaid friends in faraway lands!

Enchanted folks travel for miles to reach the seashore and ride a ship to arrive at the mystical kingdom of mermaids! Every time the fairies visit, the mermaids are overjoyed and would want to play with them all day long! The mermaids love to give them a tour of what’s new in their kingdom.

Moments with the mermaids and the other ocean creatures are cherished by the enchanted folks!

Create your own mermaid inspired fairy garden! We’ve gathered three (3) wonderful mermaid themed fairy gardens to inspire you!

Mermaid Garden A


Credits to Hometalk

This mermaid garden is created with an adorable mermaid, Adirondack chairs, beach umbrella, fairy sign, fence, seagulls, and glass gems.


A.  Pearl, the Mermaid
Be mesmerized by the long flowing amber locks of the beautiful Mermaid Pearl. She’s a true beauty!

B.   Blue Beach Umbrella
When the sun’s too hot, this blue beach umbrella can keep the enchanted folks shaded!

C.   Plain Styled Adirondack Wood Chairs
When the enchanted folks are too tired from their tour, they can have a sit and rest in these lovely Adirondack wood chairs!

Mermaid Garden B


Credits to Greenwood Nursery

This mermaid garden is created with a beautiful mermaid with a pearl, plastic aquarium plants, succulents, and glass gems.

Untitled-2A.   Mermaid with Pearl
This mermaid with a pearl is perfect for this project. With her beautiful tale and the lovely pearl she carries, the fairies would certainly want to be friends with her!

B.   Glass Gems
These glass gems are perfect in creating an ocean in your fairy garden!

C.  Mixed Plastic Plants
Mermaids will never get tired of swimming around and adoring these assorted artificial plants.

Mermaid Garden C

teacup mermaid

Credits to Blog Mujer

This adorable mermaid garden is made with a sleeping mermaid, teacup, micro boat, succulents, and seashells.

Untitled-3A.  Marina, the Mermaid
Marina’s shimmering tail is curled up alongside her sleeping body as if she’s protecting fairy friends from waves rushing too quickly onto the shore!

B.  Fairy Garden Rowboat
The enchanted folks can use this lovely rowboat as a means of transportation around the mermaid kingdom.

C.  Lavender Rose Teacup Planter
This lavender rose teacup planter is perfect for this project. The mermaids and enchanted folks would love it!

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