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Thank you for coming to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re so glad that you could be here today. Today we’re touring fairy gardens and making recommendations on how to give them an upgrade. We’re going to be specifically focusing on some garden statues that our fairies think will make wonderful additions to the landscape.

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1. Gnome Statue
Garden Gnome Statue - Bunny on Board Garden Gnome Tractor - Lawn Gnome
2. Bunnies Statue
Design Toscano QM92008 The Bunny Den Rabbits Garden Animal Statues, 5 Inch, Set of Three, Multicolored
3. Deer Statue
CT DISCOUNT STORE Adorable Deer Loving Family Outdoor Garden Statue (Charming Deer Doe Loving Family Mother and Son)
4. Snail Statue
Garden Statue Snail Figurine - Solar Powered Outdoor Lights for Patio Lawn Yard Decorations, 10 x 8.5 Inch, Housewarming Gift

Gnome Statue

Did you  see this adorable statue of a gnome driving a tractor? He also has a sweet white rabbit as his passenger. Perhaps he is taking her to the lettuce patch? She would certainly enjoy that as a treat especially as she’s been working extra hard preparing  for Easter. You can find this statue on Amazon.

Bunnies Statue

The fairies were also delighted to see this cute statue of three multicolored rabbits taking a quick break on a rock. Soon they may be called upon to do some very important work with Eliza, the Easter Fairy. The book with her incredible story in it is being released today. You can find this statue on Amazon.

Deer Statue

A beautiful deer and its mother is another wonderful choice for a fairy statue. It is sure to bring pure joy to humans and fairies who see this statue. You can see the love in the doe and fawn’s eyes. This statue is available on Amazon.

Snail Statue

This next fairy statue is multi-purpose. It is a multicolored snail with a blue bird perching on its back filling a small garden space with beauty. It is also solar powered and will light up your garden. You might find fairies sitting around this adorable snail statue telling fairy tales to each other. This statue can be yours if you visit Amazon.

1. Fairy Statue
Design Toscano Fannie the Garden Fairy Sitting Statue, 12 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color
2. Bear Statue
Plow & Hearth Reading Bear Outdoor Garden Statue, 6 L x 5.75 W x 8.75 H
3. Turtle Frog Statue
LA JOLIE MUSE Garden Statue Lawn Ornaments - 9 Inch Cute Frog Face Turtles Resin Animal Sculpture Indoor Outdoor Decor Gift, Patio Yard Art Decorations
4. Hedgehog Statue
Plow & Hearth All-Weather Solar Lighted Colorful Succulents Resin Animal Yard and Garden Statue Accent with Bright White LED Lights and Built-in Solar Panel on Back, 11½"L x 6" W x 7" H

Fairy Statue

This next statue is of a fairy named Fannie. She is extra special as she has magical powers. She loves to perch in gardens but when it gets dark outside, she flutters her mahogany tone wings and flies around greeting the plants and the butterflies and the bees. Fannie loves interacting with nature and nature’s numerous elements also enjoy Fannie’s visits even though they’ll miss a few winks of sleep. A replica of Fannie’s statue is available on Amazon.

Bear Statue

Fairies and their animal friends have a lot in common including how much they enjoy to relax in a comfortable chair and read an incredible book. This bear is doing just that, and someone saw him and decided to create a garden statue so that more humans and fairies can enjoy this tranquil scene. If you’d like to add it to your garden, you can find it on Amazon.

Turtle Frog Statue

Art is a beautiful form of expression and one artist found a way to put the image of a frog’s face on two turtles and then turn it into a garden sculpture. These adorable creatures are seen sitting on a log and can be found on Amazon. Don’t you just love the colors and expressions on these charming animals?

Hedgehog Statue

The last garden statue which the fairies would like to show you for today is this light up hedgehog that is wearing a colorful coat of succulent plants on his back. This little fellow who we might call Winston because it sounds like a cute name for a hedgehog can be found on Amazon.

The fairies have had a wonderful time touring gardens and seeing a few of the statues which can be used to give the gardens a bit of a landscaping boost. Continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more information on ways that you can make an incredible fairy garden and other fairy news.

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