What To Gift A Magical Fairy For Their Birthday

Teelie’s Fairy Garden has eight incredible suggestions to help you treat your fairy friends. We know that it isn’t easy knowing what to gift a fairy for any celebration. This week, we’re looking at birthday gift ideas.

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Happy Birthday To You-Love Bethany The Birthday Fairy!™ Greeting Card

A greeting card is always amazing to receive for a birthday. Bethany the Birthday Fairy has her own beautiful greeting cards that you can gift to a fairy friend. Learn more here.

How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy

Books are great gifts for your fairy friends. They come in many formats including as eBooks from Teelie’s Digital and Miniature Shop. Today, we’re recommending How Gigi Becomes a Chic Magical Fairy. This is an inspiring story about a fairy who follows her dreams and succeeds. Learn more here.


Adorable Miniature Snowman and Blue Snowflake Cupcakes 1:12

Sweets make incredible gifts for fairies for their birthdays because they love them. These adorable snowman and snowflake cupcakes look adorable and look like they would taste amazing too. Learn more here.


Felicia’s Summer Days Poster

Pretty posters make great gifts for your fairy friends as they can brighten their days by adding to their magical décor. The poster above features Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy surrounded by a tree, birds, and flowers. It is one of many stunning options. Learn more here.

Parigold the Party Fairy™ Apron

Aprons are another gift that would be amazing for a fairy because they are so versatile. Aprons are great for cooking, baking, gardening, painting, and crafting. They are available with many different fairies on them. We decided to share Parigold the Party Fairy’s apron with you. Learn more here.


Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy Friends™ Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are another idea for a fabulous fairy gift. They are also available with numerous different fairies on them. Pictured above is a throw blanket with birds, a tree, and hearts on them. This scene is from Teelie Turner’s book Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy. Blankets are available in various sizes. Learn more here.



Felicia’s Valentine Love Collection Socks

Socks are another fun and cozy option when it comes to selecting a gift for your fairy friend. This pair of socks features Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy on them with a Valentine’s design. Almost all your fairy friends have their own magical sock collection. Learn more here.


 Fidget’s Magical Butterflies Zipper Pouch

Zipper pouches come in a few different sizes and they are available with all your fairy friends on them. Fairies can use a zipper pouch for storing all sorts of items from collections of tiny items, little books, jewelry and so much more. We chose to share Fidget’s Magical Butterfly Zipper Pouch. Fidget is a fairy who spends time in the forest befriending animals. Learn more here.

Teelie’s Fairy Garden hopes that you have enjoyed our birthday suggestions. We know that it isn’t easy knowing what to gift a magical fairy. Keep visiting us for more helpful hints on making your fairy as happy as they can be in your garden.

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