Adorable And Magical Fairy Houses For Amazing Fairy Gardens

It’s a brand new year. Are you planning to make or redecorate your fairy garden this year? We have some adorable and magical fairy houses for you. Join Teelie’s Fairy Garden on this week’s adventure.

You can also enjoy this magical video. Click on the photo to learn more.


ASAWASA Resin Fairy House Statues with Solar Powered Lights, Funny Garden Sculptures with Flocked and Cobblestone Decor, Exquisite Garden Cottage Figurines

This adorable fairy house has a beautiful cobblestone look. The roof has some bright green grass growing on it. There are also floral accents and a pink butterfly. It is a waterproof fairy house that can go outside, and it is solar-powered. Learn more here.

Ovewios Fairy House Garden Outdoor Decor, Large Garden Gnome House and Fairy Figurines with Solar Lights Waterproof Resin Ornaments Decorations for Patio Yard Lawn Gift

This enchanted treehouse already has a little yellow bird that lives in it. There is also a swing with a fairy who likes to sit outside each day after school and enjoy the beauty of nature. Learn more here.


VP Home Charming Snail Cottage Solar Light for Home and Outdoor Decor, Snail Cottage Solar Powered Flickering LED Garden Light Cottage

This charming fairy cottage is on top of a snail statue. It is a solar house with an intriguing staircase, a second story, and a roof covered in leaves. There are also flowers to add to its beauty. Learn more here.


VP Home Enchanted Treehouse Solar Light for Home and Outdoor Decor – 14″ H x 9.5″ W x 5.25″ D Enchanted Tree Solar Powered Flickering LED Garden Light – Treehouse Backyard

Your fairy friends will love this enchanted treehouse home. It has a solar light so they can enjoy being in your fairy garden day or night. There is also an exquisite staircase that will get them anywhere they want to go if they don’t want to fly. Learn more here.

VP Home Enchanted Desert Dwelling Solar Light for Home and Outdoor Decor, Desert Dwelling Solar Powered Flickering LED Garden Light Cactus

This cactus dwelling is certainly unique. It could either become the focal point of a fairy garden or blend in depending on the plants that surround it. The front door is adorable with a little heart peephole. It also has three windows with wooden shutters on them. Plants adorn the home too. It is also solar-powered. Learn more here.


VP Home Tiki Hut Solar Light for Home and Outdoor Decor, Tiki Hut Solar Powered Flickering LED Garden Light Backyard Tiki Hut Backyard Decoration Tiki Hut Solar Powered LED Garden Light

This fairy home or spot to visit during a vacation is known as the Tiki Hut. It is solar-powered to allow the fun to continue day and night. There is an interesting statue outside the door and one fairy left their shoes outside too. Grass surrounds the tiki hut, and there are flowers and vines on the hut as well. There is also a sign that reads Paradise. Learn more here.


Resin Fairy House Statue Garden Flower Solar Powered Garden Statue Fairy House for Outdoor Decor, Yellow Wild Chrysanthemum

This fairy home is solar-powered and appears to have been built on a tree stump. There are wild chrysanthemums on the roof. The yellow complements the wood well. Mushroom toadstools are growing on the outside of the home. A butterfly is currently visiting the home. Learn more here. 


Twig & Flower The Adorable Believe Fairy Garden House – 8″ Tall – Hand Painted Fairy Doors That Open Fairy House, Fairy Garden Decor

This lovely home has the word Believe written on the outside of the large doors that invite the fairies inside. The door is a bright and welcoming blue as are the shutters. The house has some twig and flower accents as well as some beautiful stonework. Learn more here.

Join us again next week for a magical adventure as we introduce you to Fala the Furniture Fairy. She’s currently putting together eight fabulous furniture suggestions for your fairy gardens. Teelie’s Fairy Garden cannot wait to adventure with you.

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