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Join us this week in Teelie’s Fairy Garden for an incredible look at some amazing pieces of fairy furniture. Fala the Furniture Fairy has joined us to give you the grand tour.

1. ODDIER Miniature Fairy Garden Decoration Accessories Garden Sculptures Statues, Yard Garden Decor for Outside Gnomes Outdoor Decor for Patio Zen Garden

This miniature fairy garden table and two chairs has a harmonious look. We love the wood, and the pink and green floral accents. Fala the Furniture Fairy knows that her fairy friends would love to sit in these chairs and enjoy a cup of tea and a treat at the table.

2. GlitZGlam Miniature Rose Harp and Chair Set for The Fairy Garden - Miniature Garden Accessory for The Fairy Figurines

This beautiful miniature rose harp and chair set is absolutely breathtaking. And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we think it is even more amazing. This could be a perfect scene for a Valentine’s date or proposal. The harp and chair both have roses on vines on them.

3. GlitZGlam Miniature Fairy Mailbox for The Enchanted Garden - A Fairy Garden Accessory

Fairies receive mail in many different ways; however, they still enjoy having a mailbox even if they don’t receive anything in it very often. This miniature mailbox says Fairy Mail on the side of it. It has a lovely wood look to it, and flowers and vines wrapped around it. It would look amazing in a fairy garden.

4. ODDIER 3Pcs Mini Resin Bench Miniature Fairy Garden Bench Dollhouse Accessories Statue DIY Decor Gift

Versatile benches are a great addition to a fairy garden. They can be moved around for various fairy activities such as picnics, soccer games, and musical concerts. Fairies have many different interests. You may want to consider those when choosing the best pieces of furniture for your fairy garden.

5. GlitZGlam Miniature Fairy Garden Furniture 3-Piece: Rustic Wood Bench, Rocking Chair and Miniature Table for The Garden Fairies

Your garden fairies will love this three piece matching furniture set. There is a rustic wood bench, rocking chair and a table. These would be great for sitting out and stargazing on clear evenings, enjoying an early morning cup of cocoa while watching the sunrise, or just for chatting together.

6. GlitZGlam Miniature Fairy and Baby Gnome Bed - a 4-Post Miniature Bed for Your Fairy and Gnome Garden, Pixies and Sprites - A Fairy Garden Accessory

This magical miniature four post bed would look amazing in your fairy garden. It has wooden posts that are wrapped with vines and a few flowers. The green of the vines and purple of the blossoms can be found in the bedding color scheme too.

7. Pink Flower Top Gazebo Miniature Fairy Garden Resin Figurine

A gazebo is another piece of furniture that your fairies would appreciate in a fairy garden. It is a place for them to assemble and enjoy a visit or activity together. This gazebo has a fabulous pink floral top. There are flowers and vines wrapped around the front posts too.

8. Marshall Home and Garden Delicate Daisy Hammock Forest Green 8 Inch Resin Stone Outdoor Statue

This delightfully cute daisy hammock would be a wonderful addition to a fairy garden. It is a great place for a fairy to relax in. We love the wooden frame, leafy looking seat, and floral accents. Whether it be for a nap, or to read a book, a fairy would likely always be in your hammock.

Please come back to see us again next week. This time, Teelie’s Fairy Garden will be introducing you to some adorable fairies who can bring magic and life to your fairy garden.

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