Amazing Fairies To Reside In Your Garden

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This week’s Fairy Land adventure is going to introduce you to some amazing fairies who cannot wait to take up residence in your fairy garden. It’s a magical time to believe in the power of fairies. We also prepared a fun video for your enjoyment.
You can also enjoy this magical video.

1. Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Miniature Reading Fairies Figurines Set - Statues & Accessories Decor Kit of 6 pcs

This enchanted fairy garden kit is filled with fairies reading and listening to stories. There are even some bunnies that are enjoying story time.

2. Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Mushroom House Set of 6 pcs - Miniature Figurines & Accessories Kit - for Outdoor or House Décor

This magical fairy kit includes mushroom toadstools. There is a fairy house, fairy seating, fairies who are out enjoying the sunshine, as well as a bunny, frog and hedgehog who want to join your garden.

3. PRETMANNS Fairies for Fairy Garden - Fairy Garden Accessories with Fairy Garden Fairies - Fairy Garden Kits - Miniature Garden Fairy Figurines & Fairy Garden Swing - 6 Items

Join these fairies as they enjoy a day of playing on the swings at the park. One is also gathering flowers. A squirrel also wants to join in their fun.

4. Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Miniature Fairies Figurines - Sitting Girls Set of 2 pcs - for Outdoor or House Decor Statue Kit

These fairies are enjoying the magic of music. One is playing the flute, and the other is listening. We love their color coordinated outfits and their flower crowns.

5. Simple Creativity Fairies for Fairy Garden Miniatures Accessories Outdoor and Indoor Decor, Funday Miniature Doll Figurines Supplies Fairy House Mini Figures for Kids

Embrace the magic of fairy gardening with these four enchanted fairy friends. They even have names. Mei, Imani, Leila, and Chloe cannot wait to make your acquaintance and begin their journey with you.

6. PRETMANNS Fairies for Fairy Garden – Fairy Garden Accessories – Fairy Garden Fairies – Cute Fairy Garden Figurines and a Fairy Sign - Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories - 3 Piece Fairy Set

These fairies have a sign for your fairy garden that says Fairies Welcome. There’s a lantern hanging on the sign and one of the fairies is holding a lantern too while the other speaks with a frog.

7. GlitZGlam Sofia The Miniature Fairy Figurine for Your Fairy Garden/Miniature Garden

Sofia the Fairy is dressed up in her fashionable outfit and is waiting for an invitation to your fairy garden. She even has a pedestal to stand on, so you’ll have an easy time finding her a great space in your garden.

8. PRETMANNS Fairies for Fairy Garden - Fairy Garden Accessories for a Fairy Garden - Fairy Garden Fairies - Garden Fairy Figurine Vicky on Log for Miniature Garden, 2 Items

Vicky the Fairy loves to sit quietly and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. Currently she’s enjoying time on this log, visiting with a bluebird. Vicky would be a wonderful addition to your fairy garden.
We hope you’ll join us again next week in Teelie’s Fairy Garden for another incredible adventure. We’re going to look at some beautiful plants and flowers that you can add to your fairy garden.
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